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    Nigel Taily 1

      I have a Fairey Huntsman kit and I am trying to do the window frames. The frame supplied is bulky and does not look to scale at all.

      So I tried pinstriping around the window. Its not perfect but I think that its better than the wooden frame.

      But I cant get the technique of going round the curves to work at all.

      I did use silver 3mm tape but that does not curve at all.


      So now I am using the 3mm white vinyl.

      I still need advice on how to do it properly.

      The corners are buckling. The inside crimples and the outside of the curve rolls over.

      How do the experts do it?


      Colin Bishop

        Yes, that sounds like a problem.

        It might be worth investigating the model railway websites as to how they cope with pinstriping  curves.

        Richard Simpson

          Lining on locomotives can be done with a bow pen, using thinned paint.  A bow pen fitting can be used in a compass and set up such that the point can be used to guide the tool around the inside of the frame to ensure the distance to the line remains constant.  Tricky to master but I’ve seen demonstrations at model railway shows and the results are impressive.  This is the sort of tool you would use:


          I have also seen a paint pen, which consists of basically a small wheel that rolls paint onto a surface and can give a nice fine line, this is an example:

          Then there is Tamiya who do a range of paint pens but I’m not sure of the tip size.  There are also many fine tipped pens such as the Rotring type of draftsman pens that can draw a very fine line but I don’t know what colours you can get them in.  This is another one:

          Copic MultiLiner SP Drawing Pen

          and this:

          I think the bow compass is the best bet as you have a degree of guidance rather than totally freehand and can use any paint you wish in the pen.  This is a very interesting video using a bow pen freehand:

          James Hill 5

            As you say Richard, a very interesting video. I’ve tried lining with bow pen but I’m afraid my effort was nowhere near as good as his!

            Certainly worth Nigel trying that method.


            Tim Rowe 1

              Hello Jim

              I have been absent from posting for quite a while and also from model making.  Could I suggest another approach?

              I think I would use silver coloured self-adhesive vinyl and cut the frame out in one piece with a craft knife.  Maybe you could use the the supplied frames as templates.

              If you wanted a bit more bulk you could use Plasticard of a suitable thickness again cut with a craft knife and paint them silver.

              Now back in modelling mode and I am building Ray Wood’s Eventide and Wild Duck side by side.

              Tim R

              James Hill 5

                Hi Nigel,

                As a believer in using plasticard for making various bits and pieces, ( including some that will go on my Puffer ) I would look at that with your frames. The good thing is ,the varying thickness you can use, and it takes paint well.

                Although I have a plan for a Fairey, I’ve never got round to building it yet, but in other models I’ve made over the years , getting flat tape round a curve decently is never easy.

                Tim, Ray will be pleased to see you’re building two of his designs. He, and a lot of others on the forum have been a great help to me in,( hopefully ), improving my model making.


                Nigel Taily 1

                  Thanks everyone for the huge support and theinformation.

                  I am going to buy a line brush and practice. The pin stripe tapeneeds some refinement before it will work.

                  I have ordered fresh tape and I will use a hairdryer to warm it up.

                  I learnt that the silver reflective tape will not do sharp curves. However I think that on a warm surface and with fresh adhesive, I might make the vinyl tape stay in place.

                  Wish me luck.

                  Ray Wood 3

                    Hi All,

                    Good to see you back Tim 🙂


                    If your after a proper chrome effect window frame I used Card frames wrapped with chrome tape to good effect, this was easy to find pictures in my album back in the day !!

                    If you look up my White Marlin build thread the frames look ok, the acetate glazing glued with cockpit glue to the frame then stuck on the boat, I will watch with interest, Chris Fellows is the guy to message he has a whole fleet of Fairey’s in various stages (some with windows)  :-).

                    Regards Ray

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