A look at the Cover and Contents of the September 2018 issue of Model Boats on sale 3rd August

From the Editor

Well, there goes another month in the blink of an eye; it’s easily done this time of year as the model boating calendar is pretty well crammed. Very similar to this month’s 84-pager which gives the impression of being much bigger than it is, thanks to no-less than 14 quality articles on a wide range of model boat-related subjects.

As well as the regular Boiler Room, Flotsam & Jetsam, Gallery, Reader’s Models and Dave Wooley’s OSA2 (which is now drawing to a close) we have another informative feature about square-riggers, a couple of Norfolk Wherries get in on the act, show reports from Dortmund, Bournville, 10-Rater and Marblehead Championships and the Kirklees Open Day. The final part of Roger Suitter’s NR-1 submarine has arrived not to mention a superb diorama and story of Operation Jaywick thanks to one of our favourite old Military Modelling contributors, Geoff Barnes who you will be seeing a lot more of.

On top of all that, we have re-issued an old Glynn Guest plan in support of Steve Whitelock’s lovely Talisman build, so I’m hoping, there is a little something for everyone.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine which features a plan from days gone by which many of you will already have in your Model Boat archive. I’m not going to make a habit of re-publishing old plans but, as it was 32 years ago when it first came out, I thought it could do with another airing.

All the best

 Martyn Chorlton



Compass 360

News from the model boating world

Boiler Room

Metal Suitability - A collection of thoughts on Model Steam Plants by Richard Simpson

Flotsam & Jetsam

The Nishimura submarine by John Parker

‘How-to’ Square-rig

Following on from tail ship terminology, Neville Wade guides us through square-rigging

A tale of two wherries

The ‘non-competitive’ sport of wherry building by Mike Benson

Readers’ Models

Sea Trojan - Phil Scales weighty ship-handling harbour tug

Medway Queen

With photography supplied by Fraser Gray, attention is drawn to the paddle steamer Medway Queen

The Dortmund Model Show 2018

A report of the 40th Intermodellbau Messe at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, April 2018 by Kim Belcher

A Blast from The Past (FREE Bonus Plan)

Steve Whitelock’s take on a model boat design from the 1980’s by Glynn Guest called the Talisman

OSA 2 Fast Missile Boat

It’s now time for the stanchions and turnbuckles of Dave Wooley’s OSA 2 build

Military Boat Day at Bournville

Images at the Bournville Model Boat Club Military Boat Day on June 24, 2018 courtesy of Rob Fowler

NR-1 on and under the water

The final part of the NR-1 story by Roger Suitters

10 Rater & Marblehead World Championships in Biblis, Germany

Reported by Roger Stollery

Target Singapore

Geoff Barnes and Roger Scott’ Operation Jaywick diorama for the Australian National Maritime Museum

Kirklees Model Boat Club Summer Open Day 2018

An event report by Richard Simpson


Looking for a new model or making room for another? This is the place to buy and sell

Test Bench

A round-up of all the latest kits, books and blingy bits.

A selection of article headers.

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