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Ellie Build

19 photos
My attempt to build a version of Ellie
Created 16/10/2016 by John O'C
Last updated 23/06/2017

Ray's Boats

199 photos
Scratch Built
Created 07/08/2015 by Ray Wood 2
Last updated 23/06/2017

Models by Others etc.

40 photos
Created 06/03/2013 by Tony Hadley
Last updated 22/06/2017

SG&K Runabout Mk2

8 photos
Redesigned for better access and reposition m...
Created 20/06/2017 by harry smith 1
Last updated 21/06/2017

Lady J 39

10 photos
Created 13/06/2017 by Bob Abell
Last updated 19/06/2017

Lady Jane

373 photos
Vintage Gentleman`s Cruiser
Created 28/05/2014 by Bob Abell
Last updated 16/06/2017

Tim's Pics

32 photos
Various Photos
Created 12/07/2016 by Tim Cooper
Last updated 14/06/2017

Revell 1/72 Corvette

24 photos
Radio Control Conversion Of Revell 1/72 Corve...
Created 09/06/2017 by ojays
Last updated 12/06/2017

Eezebilt PT

7 photos
Created 05/06/2017 by David Still
Last updated 10/06/2017

Past and Present Boat Models

25 photos
Model Boats which I have owned or still use
Created 08/09/2008 by Tony Hadley
Last updated 10/06/2017

Vosper ASRL

11 photos
Kitshack version of the Veron Kit. Trying to...
Created 08/06/2013 by ojays
Last updated 09/06/2017

PS Great Eastern

353 photos
Brunels finest ship.....years ahead of it`s t...
Created 24/11/2008 by Bob Abell
Last updated 09/06/2017

Bits and bobs

76 photos
All sorts
Created 13/10/2014 by Bob Abell
Last updated 08/06/2017

Tug Motors

11 photos
Created 22/04/2017 by Paul T
Last updated 07/06/2017

new orca

5 photos
Created 07/06/2017 by Graeme Linskey
Last updated 07/06/2017

Vintage Models

120 photos
Created 10/01/2014 by Tony Hadley
Last updated 05/06/2017


71 photos
Created 23/09/2012 by bluebird
Last updated 04/06/2017


4 photos
Created 03/06/2017 by wendy jackson
Last updated 03/06/2017

'Sarik 3'

4 photos
Sarik Hobbies vacform coaster - a very basi...
Created 24/05/2017 by Armando Loni
Last updated 01/06/2017


36 photos
Created 25/04/2015 by bluebird
Last updated 31/05/2017
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