A look at the Cover and Contents of the October 2021 issue of Model Boats on sale September 24th.

In the October 2021 issue of Model Boats magazine, don’t miss:

* Your chance to WIN an Airfix 1:72 scale Severn Class Lifeboat kit plus all the Humbrol paints required for the finish
* A fully detailed account of how the above mentioned Airfix Severn Class Lifeboat can be adapted for R/C operation
* MB Q&A – Join the Club: a candid interview about both the benefits of joining a model boat club and the challenges involved in keeping a club afloat
* Cereal thriller: a brilliant ‘Breakfast Club’ build that took the tedium out of lockdown
* JSC’s RMS Carpathia: a step by step guide to the construction of this 1:400 scale historic transatlantic liner kit put into print
* Keeping water out: some useful, practical advice for the novice model boat builder
* 3D CAD: prepare to enter the third dimension of Computed Aided Design
* 3D Printed Flower Class Corvette: how one modeller’s new-found skills blossomed in a field of modelling previous unfamiliar to him
* Wicksteed at 100: highlights from the stylish 2021 Wicksteed Park centenary celebrations
* Models & Miniatures Weekend: a Model Boat Association Dover member reports back on this year’s event held at the Dover Transport Museum
* Boiler Room: the different ways in which water and smoke tube boilers work explained
* The ‘Euro Style’: a retrospective look at the post-war Anglo-American vs Teutonic R/C technology

  • A round up of the latest hobby-related news  
  • Your Letters: views aired and info both sought and shared
  • Your Models: some truly superb work showcased

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