A look at the Cover and Contents of the November 2021 issue of Model Boats on sale October 22nd.

In the November 2021 issue of Model Boats magazine, don’t miss:
* A FREE PLAN: plus, a guide to the construction of this super little jet-powered small fast ferry model designed by Glynn Guest

* HMS Invincible: a fascinating account, packed full of tips and tricks, of the all guns blazing approach taken when building the incredible model that is this month’s cover star  

* ADHD, modelling & me: an honest, open and insightful explanation of how the hobby benefits our general well-being, as told from a neurodiverse perspective

* ‘Midget’ Nuclear Sub: an exciting recycling project that can be as simple or as complex as you decide to make it

* Dean’s Marine Open Weekend: a photo report from this popular annual showcase, which includes display and demo shots of the splendid models built from the latest kits in the range

* The 2021 MPB Fast Electric Speed Records Day: highlights of the thrills and spills of this SAWs event

* Rescue remedy: how to create a nifty, simple to put together and operate model boat retrieval device

* Adding figures: time to man up!

* Westmoreland woes: a humorous tale of the lengths one modeller went to in order to avoid a bit of argy-bargy with an old friend

* Black Park MBC Open Day: an overview of September’s spectacular event

* The 1955 Mebourne All Models Exhibition: a reflection on how the hobby was promoted Down Under in the post-war period

* Boiler Room: the first of a two-parter documenting a quick and easy working steam launch project


  • A round up of the latest hobby-related news  
  • Your Letters: memories aired and info both
    sought and shared 
  • Your Models: stunning work showcased

Lindsey Amrani




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