A look at the Cover and Contents of the November 2020 issue of Model Boats on sale 30th October.

In the November 2020 issue of Model Boats, don't miss your chance to WIN a fabulous airbrush set and portable spray booth, courtesy of Expo Tools.


  • Capture the moment: release your inner Spielberg – and no, you’re not going to need a bigger boat!
  • The gorgeous Galway Hooker: the touching story of a model boat builder, his young apprentice and a tricky Båd Mór build.
  • Atomic smitten: reflecting on the 1950s’ atomic-powered prototype NS Savannah and the models produced.
  • Transformed into Torrens: how making modifications to a kit for the Cutty Sark allowed another magnificent Colonial cutter to be created.
  • Phalanx formation: a hands-on assessment of RPG Models’ 1:35 scale Mk-15 Phalanx Close-In Weapons System.
  • A brief history of model yachts: the evolution of these scaled-down beauties explored
  • Hitting the Beach: the mission to build Mountfleet Models LCM(6) concludes.
     Soobrazitelynyy: the step by step guide to the 1:72 build of the Russian multi-purpose Soobrazitelnyy corvette continues. 
    Boiler Room: selecting the correct valve for your particular requirements explained 
  • Buy the book: riveting new reads recommended.


  • Compass 360: latest news plus recent prize draw winners announced.
  • A bumper 9-page Your Models/Your Letters/Your Hints & Tips section.

Lindsey Amrani


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