A look at the Cover and Contents of the February 2019 issue of Model Boats on sale 18th January

From the Editor

Welcome to the February 2019 issue of Model Boats magazine, put together during December 2018, which makes us feel like the festivities are already over and the spring season is already around the corner (a day before winter officially starts depending on your meteorological domination!). 2018, for me, was a year that began with high hopes for one magazine and ended with equally high hopes for another. As a diehard freelancer, I never take anything for granted and despite Model Boats position as the UK’s leading (the only) ‘hard-copy’ magazine on this subject, every effort should still be made to keep the publication as fresh and informative as possible. With regard to the latter I am at the mercy of the contributor; the troopers at the coal face who supply me with a regular flow of great material and to those who respond to my ideas and commissions.

This month’s issue will see the end of one regular feature, the beginning of another, the start of multi-part builds and the ending of others. This is a hobby that is constantly adjusting and evolving, I am hoping that this old magazine is also rolling with the changes.

All the best

 Martyn Chorlton


Compass 360

News from the model boating world

All British Whaleback

Nick Brown builds a classic Type 2 HSL

Noodle Tugs

Foam pool unsinkable, robust and reliable ‘noodle’ tugs by Bill Michaels   

Boiler Room

Burners, Part 1 by Richard Simpson

Flotsam & Jetsam

Some nautical novelties by John Parker

PS Waverley

The world’s last seagoing passenger carrying paddle steamer

Memory Lane **NEW SERIES**

Rescued by David J. Wiggins

The Big Gun!

Fujimi’s 1/200 Yamato-class mounting by Mike Williams

Club 500 Racing

A look at a popular model boat club activity by Richard Simpson (Part 2)

Scale Model World 2018

10-11 November, 2018 by Dave Wooley

Soobrazitelnyy – Russian Corvette

Building the RFS Soobrazitelnyy by Dave Wooley

EuroNaval Paris

A show report by Ian McFarlane

Range Finder

SMS Viribus Unitis by Dave Wooley

Reader’s Letters

Your feedback and comments

Test Bench

A round-up of all the latest kits, books and accessories

Next Issue

Preview of articles to come


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