A look at the Cover and Contents of the April 2022 issue of Model Boats on sale March 18th.

In the April 2022 issue of Model Boats magazine, you can look forward to:

* Your chance to win a handy 12-piece model boat builder’s tool kit, courtesy of the Sussex Model Centre

* A wash & brush up, Part 1: whether you’re new to the hobby or simply wanting to up your game in terms of achieving the best and most realistic paint finish possible, we explain the benefits of using ‘washes’ to create added realism

* Yamato: a highly-talented modeller explains how (and why) he combined tradition scratch-building skills with 21st century tech when taking on this massive battleship modelling challenge

* Bluebird K7: looking at things from a modelling perspective, the question is, could an EDF be used to successfully power a faux jet-propelled stand-off scale interpretation of this iconic hydroplane that skims across the water in a convincing manner? Well, for the record…

* Fishing for first R/C project ideas? Looking to net an inexpensive, easy to construct kit that will build into a working model to be proud of? Then be sure to read our review of Aero-Naut’s Möwe 2 Fischkutter.   

Vitse-Admiral Popov: the history behind and the construction of a very quirky model that commands both attention and a great deal of curiosity whenever it gets taken out for a spin!

* Southern Trow, Part 2: having already covered the build of Ashmead, last month’s astonishing beautiful cover star, in Part 1, this month we look at the logistics of transporting her, the tricky art of sailing her and the diorama designed and constructed specifically to show her off to best advantage when displayed as a static exhibit

* Collectables catch-up: John Parker shares details of some of the fascinating additions made to his ever expanding cache of early modelling artefacts

* Boiler Room: Denes Designs’ innovative new Valve Control Engine gets put to the test


  • Compass 360: a round up of the latest hobby and industry related news  
  • Your Letters: views aired, plus fascinating memories and info shared
  • Your Models: prepare to be wowed by the work of your fellow readers, with a special shout out to Logan Flanagan, who, at just 10 years old, may just be the youngest ever modeller featured on these pages!

Lindsey Amrani




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