A preview of the Cover and Contents of Model Boats Magazine (MB70-834), April 2020 on sale 13 March.

Model Boats No.70-834 (April 2020)

Contributing to this magazine is not as scary as you think; all I need from you is a reasonably well-written chunk of text on a Word document, and some nice, sharp images to go with it. It’s as simple as that! Yes, if you are a ‘first-timer’ (to me) then I will send you some guidelines, which detail what I do and do not like to see and I like it when you discuss how many words and how many images you will be sending in; remember they are guidelines and I will not throw the article back at you if you have not followed them to the letter (nobody has come close yet!). For example, we ideally like about 3,000 words with about 25-30 images (minimum 1mb Jpeg); this gives us a nicely balanced article which is good on the eye. Some recent articles you may have noticed (some of you have really noticed) seem a little word heavy and lacking images. This is what happens when a contributor sends in an article which you have already committed to publish, and its 7,000 words long and only has about 15 images to go with it! This happens more often than you think, and these kind of scenarios are when I really earn my keep making them palatable for you, the all-important and much-valued readership.


All the best


  Martyn Chorlton



This issue goes on sale 13 March, 2020




12            Fairey Swordsman

Colin Bishop reviews the SLEC 1/16 scale kit


20            ‘Archibald Russell'

Scale sail four masted barque by Neville Wade


26            BNS Leopold I (F930)

Belgian Navy multi-purpose frigate - photography by Fraser Gray


28            Azipod

Testing a theory and building an Azimuth Underwater Pod Drive by Ron Rees


36            Kanoo (FREE PLAN)

A Double-Ender to RG65 Rules by John Goodyear


44            Overlord

OO gauge (4mm) D-Day Diorama by Chris Mead


50            Northern Star

A new slant on an old classic by Peter Simmonds


52            Bonny Boats in Bordeaux

The Festi’Maquettes Model Show, Bassens by David Garden


54            Boston Model Boat Club

The past, the present and the future by Steve Whitelock


56            Soobrazitelnyy – Russian Corvette

Building the new Russian multi-purpose corvette RFS Soobrazitelnyy by Dave Wooley


63            Test Bench

A round-up of all the latest kits, books and accessories


68            Next Issue

                Preview of articles to come


69            Marketplace

                Looking for a new model or making room for another? This is the place to buy and sell!


This issue goes on sale 13 March, 2020


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