A look at the Cover and Contents of the April 2019 issue of Model Boats on sale 15th March

From the Editor

It is every editor’s dream to keep all of his/her readership happy, but funnily enough, this is a near impossible task. However, I shall never be accused of not trying and so far, I have spoken either in person or e-mailed at least one, if not many more, to write articles on every specific subject within the world of model boating. Now I know that is a big ask, but I do know that there are a lot of you out there and a number of you are not seeing what ‘floats your boat’!

This month we have three part works, the popular Whaleback, Barry’s Warrior and Dave Wooley’s amazing Soobrazitelnyy build. Also, the 100th instalment of Richard Simpson’s Boiler Room, another new contributor (I have space for many more!) and the usual array of show and event reports; hopefully a little something for the majority of you. Last month I was lucky enough to escape the office again to meet Barry Lalonde in St Neots, where the weather was kind and after a few attempts the cover shot was bagged. All being well, as we all come out of hibernation, I will be cropping up at a lot more events than I did last year, maybe even with a boat of my own – take cover!

All the best

Martyn Chorlton


Compass 360

News from the model boating world

All British Whaleback

Nick Brown continues his Type 2 HSL build – Part 3


Barry Lalonde scratches a Golden Hind-type ‘Pirate Ship’ (Part 2 of 2)      

Boiler Room

Richard Simpson celebrates his 100th instalment by adding a whistle!

Memory Lane

Spares by David J. Wiggins

‘Big Lizzie’ is back in town!

HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to Portsmouth by Colin Bishop

James P Woods

A typical US harbour-type tug by Dermot Curnyn (Part 2 of 5)

SS Christiaan Brunings

Deans Marine icebreaker built by Allan Miller


Kroker-power for a Chris Craft Runabout by Russell Tate

Soobrazitelnyy – Russian Corvette

Building the RFS Soobrazitelnyy by Dave Wooley

The London Model Engineering Exhibition

A report from the Ally Pally by the editor

Range Finder

HMS Edinburgh, Type 42 Destroyer by Dave Wooley (Part 1 of 2)

Reader’s Letters

Your feedback and comments

Test Bench

A round-up of all the latest kits, books and accessories

Mooring Post

Taking the heat? Advice and tips from Glynn Guest

Next Issue

Preview of articles to come


Looking for a new model or making room for another? This is the place to buy and sell!

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