Hooked on classics

If classic motor cruisers float your boat you’ll not want to miss this issue for not only have we got one of Vic Smeed’s finest to show you, we’ve a full review of the hugely desirable Amati Grand Banks 46. Moreover, we’ve thrown in yet another FREE plan (that’s four in a row now) and sprinkled the pages with a little something for everyone: steam, warships, submarines, sail, vintage and even a bit of full-size. Enjoy.


Adopting the theme of last month’s article on shallow draught hulls, and putting all the theory into practice, Glynn Guest has penned a right corker in the form of Caerleon Castle, a small 1950 / ‘60s era cruise ship. Perfect for beginners it boasts a lowly 12mm draught and the self-righting qualities of a Weeble. 


For Richard Simpson it’s time to get that Pendle boiler into a boat and raise some steam. With a clipboard in one hand and a transmitter in the other there’s some elementary evaluation to be tackled.


In an ideal world build projects run uninterrupted from start to finish. Life, of course, has its own agenda and with the adage ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ ringing in his ears, Roger Suitters takes an enforced three-year sabbatical before returning, refreshed and energised, to tackle the mechanics.


Small workboats can make superb model subjects not least because their size lends them to larger scales and fine detailing. Steve Whitelock’s Port of Wells service vessel is a case in point.


W.W.I warships make interesting and unusual subjects, a fact that wasn’t lost on Kim White whilst modelling the world’s first battlecruiser as she appeared shortly before her fateful engagement at Jutland.


With the detailing of his OSA 2 Fast Missile Boat well underway Dave Wooley takes two complex upper bridge fittings – the pelorus and Target Designation Sight – breaks them into their constituent parts and fashions them in front of our very eyes. He’s good you know!


Silver Mist gets a scale-up. When Ray Wood constructed his first Vic Smeed motor yacht, little did he know that, 50 years on, this enthusiastic act of teenage creativity would take him full circle.

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