Alvaston Pirates Model

Phil Button reports from their fourth annual regatta



This took place on Sunday 25th June 2017 at their usual lake in Alvaston Park, Derby. The day dawned dull, grey and overcast, with virtually no swell on the lake and a very light breeze, but there was the threat of rain to come at any time. Rain seems to be ‘normal’ for these ‘Pirates’ regattas since it has happened to us every year, but at least the rain held off until the monsoon started later on this day. However, it was not doom and gloom for everyone, as the Waterside Café, that is right next to the lake, did a roaring trade in cups of tea and coffee.

In addition to the Alvaston Pirates MBC’s own offerings, we were delighted to be supported by the Hinckley & Bosworth MBC. The displays were set up under an assortment of gazebos with fingers crossed that they would not blow away if the light breeze should decide to strengthen, although the area chosen for them is quite well sheltered by trees.

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