Waterline Models




In the May issue of MB we discussed a diorama depicting HMS Eskimo in a Norwegian fjord with her bow mostly destroyed, and I was now keen to improve on this theme. As far as available model and reference materials were concerned, apart from modelling KM Tirpitz, the only other subjects available were the destroyers involved in the First and Second Battles of Narvik. However, White Ensign Models came to the rescue as they had just released a remastered model of HMS Penelope as in 1940. With decent reference material to hand, a second ‘fiord based’ diorama was now very much on the cards. HMS Penelope was affectionately known as ‘HMS Pepperpot’, particularly following her experiences when attacked at Malta, her hull and superstructure having received numerous shell and bullet holes and hence the Pepperpot/Penelope connection.





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