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The Scottish National Scale Model Show, incorporating the Scottish National Model Championships, is an annual event this year held on the weekend of the 26th and 27th April at Perth in Scotland.

The event is held at the Dewars Centre, Glover Street, Perth. This is a large Sports Centre, with the actual event being held in the Ice rink....minus the ice of course!

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Yours truly arrived for the opening early on Saturday morning, complete with camera, notepad and raging toothache! It's a measure of how friendly the show is, that even with the toothache I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the only not so pleasant part being the journey down there, and the journey home again on the Sunday!

First-up, a description for those who have not been to this show.....even though you really do need to make the effort next's certainly one of my favourite, if not the favourite of the shows throughout the year!

As said, the event is held in a large Sports centre, with loads of parking, which is frequently a pain at major events like this. Not so here. Looking down on the trading floor, which is actually an ice rink, is a large cafeteria area where refreshments and a full menu are available throughout the event. Actually, this cafeteria adds a lot to the event, since it becomes a sort of meeting place where you can have a sit down, a meal and a chat and still keep an eye on the trading floor through the large glass wall. I spent a lot of time up there nursing my a sort of analgesia induced fug!

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One advantage of visiting Perth is that I get to meet a lot of friends from North of the border that I don't run into at all the local shows I visit throughout the year. One of these is Steve Cruickshank, and his son Steve. And his son Steve. Who said the Scots don't have imagination when it comes to thinking of names! (Picture 5) Steve is well-known for his scratchbuilding skills of various engineering vehicles, and this year he even had a stand of his own to show off his work, where he could be seen busily giving demonstrations.

The entire event, apart from the refreshments area, was held in the one hall, with a sizeable area cordoned off as the competition area. This year there were fifty classes, as befitting a National event. The number of entries to the competition were up slightly on last years. Joe Long won Best of Show (Senior) with a diorama called “Broken Down” (Pic.6) and Lewis Daily won Best of Show (Junior) with a diorama incorporating a German half track, (Pic 7.)

One of the reasons why I enjoy this show so much, apart from the friendly atmosphere, is the standard of entries to the competition, which I find to be generally higher that that of it's UK counterpart at Telford.

Looking around all the vendors at the show, although there were no new releases announced at the show that we didn't know were coming, there were over 32 different vendors, so almost anything you could think of was available. In addition, there were over 35 other stands from clubs to individuals such as Steve Cruickshank, so there was plenty to see in all areas!

Throughout the two days of the event, there were also various demonstrations given in the special area set aside with large screen in the middle of the hall. Plus the obligatory tombola of course!

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For those attending over the two days, Saturday evening saw the Show dinner take place at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, with guest speakers Paul Regan, President of the UK IPMS and Trevor Snowdon of Hornby / Airfix. Although primarily for traders, this dinner is open to all-comers and is usually well worth attending.

Part of the reason for why this is such a successful event has to be the organising team behind it. Over the weeks prior to the event, a lot of local radio stations gave it a mention, and there was even a report in the Guardian, which must have drawn in many on the fringes of modelling who otherwise would not have known of it.

2008 Scottish National Model Show

Joe Long won Best of Show (Senior) with a diorama called “Broken Down” and Lewis Daily won Best of Show (Junior) with a diorama incorporating a German half track.

The top 5 classes were

1. Class 5 - Aircraft up to 1/48 scale - 22 entries
2. Class 2 - Aircraft up to 1/72 scale - 21 entries
3. Class 15 - AFVs larger than 1/72 scale asd/asc/v/s - 18 entries
4. Class 33 - Sci-Fi/Fantasy figures -18 entries
5. Class 42 - Junior Aircraft – 15 entries

The bottom 5 classes were

1. Class 20 - Trucks and commercial vehicles up to 1/36 scale - 0 entries
2. Class 27 - Flat figures - 0 entries
3. Class 7 - Aircraft up to and including 1/48 v/s - 1 entry
4. Class 41 – Miscellaneous diorama – 1 entry
5. Class 40 - Ship diorama - 1 entry

2008 Competition Class Winners

Class 1 - Alister Aird - F104 Starfighter
Class 2 - John Harvey - He 100 V8
Class 3 - John Robertson - Breguet Atlantic
Class 4 - Steve Cox - Port Victoria PV2bis
Class 5 - David Young - A6M2
Class 6 - Tom Stewart - Typhoon
Class 7 - Fraser Dickie - Fairly Firefly
Class 8 - D. Foxal - F 18 Hornet
Class 9 - Tom Grier - F 18 Hornet
Class 10 - Bjaerni A Henderson - Fokker Dr1 Triplane
Class 11 - Tom Grier - Chinook
Class 12 - J Barker - M113 Fire support vehicle
Class 13 - Rab Burns - MK 4 Male tank
Class 14 - S Binns - Panzer Mk 3
Class 15 - Brian Muroow - Ferdinand
Class 16 - Rab Burns - Bedford Refuller
Class 17 - Darren Haddow - Ancient Chariot
Class 18 - Colin Whitelaw - Nissan Car
Class 19 - Nicholas Hazelton - Ferrari F2002
Class 20 - Rab Burns - Diamond T Recovery
Class 21 - Colin Whitelaw - Chevy Tow Truck
Class 22 - Simon Capps - Fortuna Yamaha
Class 23 - David Griffith - 14th Century German Knight
Class 24 - John Nel - Cpl 2 Para Goose Green
Class 25 - Bill Cowan - Chasseur E Cheval
Class 26 - Frank Urbanczyk - Troll bust
Class 27 - No winner -
Class 28 - Giora Kahanov - SLC 272 Mini sub
Class 29 - No winner -
Class 30 - Amanda Jones - USS Fletcher
Class 31 - Michael Burgin - World Eater Bike
Class 32 - Steve Peacock - Locust on Quasimodo Bike
Class 33 - Steve Peacock - Killing Joke
Class 34 - Michael Burgin - Eldar Scout Diorama
Class 35 - Joe Darling - Eldar Harlequin
Class 36 - John Harvey - Vought Regulus Missile
Class 37 - Periklis Salessiotis - A7E Corsair
Class 38 - Joe Long - Broken Down
Class 39 - Peter Carney - Norman Knights
Class 40 - No winner -
Class 41 - No winner -
Class 42 - Daniel Carr - Rafale M
Class 43 - Christopher Muroow - Tiger
Class 44 - Emma Leoward - F1 Year 2050
Class 45 - Stuart Whitelaw - Mitsubishi Eclipse
Class 46 - Callum Fowlie - Plague Marine
Class 47 - Shannon Whitelaw - Laser Sailing boat
Class 48 - Lewis Daily - German Half Track
Class 49 - Jens H Branda - Boeing 767
Class 50 - Spare class

2008 Special Trophy Winners

Senior Best Of Show - Joe Long - Broken Down
Junior Best Of Show - Lewis Daily - Airfix Half Track
The aeroclub trophy for the best model of a vacform kit - Fraser Dickie - Hawker Sidley Gnat
The Airfix trophy - Kerry McLennan - E -Boat
The Alistair Young Memorial Trophy - Neil Douglas - Me 108
The ASM trophy for the best club display - Bomber command sig
The Bill Ireland memorial trophy for the best model of a military vehicle in British service - William Wright - Humber Mk 1
The Carmichael trophy for the best military vehicle not in British service - Rab Burns - Mk 4 Male tank
The Glasgow IPMS trophy for the best civil aircraft - Jens Branda - Boeing 767
The Ian Jamieson for the best figure/bust - David Griffith - 14th Century Knight
Friendship Models trophy for the best model entered by a lady modeller - Amanda Jones - USS Fletcher
The Lothian trophy for the best ship - Amanda Jones - USS Fletcher
The Modeller trophy for the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy model - Michael Burgin - Worldeater Bike
The Norman Douglas trophy for the best modified car/motorcycle - Simon Capps - Fortuna Yamaha
The Revell trophy - John Robertson - EH 101 Merlin
The SAM trophy for the best British designed aircraft - Tom Stewart - Typhoon
The Scratchbuilt trophy - Periklis Salessiotis - A7E
The Stirling trophy for the best civil vehicle - Nicolas Hazelton - Ferrari F2002
The Tayside trophy for the best Diorama - Periklis Salessiotis - A7E
The Wallace trophy for the best Scottish theme - Barrie Hynd - Robert the Bruce
The What If Trophy - Steve Cox - P V 8
The Finnish Trophy for the best Finnish subject - Sidney Ellerington - Talvisoth The Winter War
The Petuna Bowl for the most pernickety piece of detailing on a model - Tom Grier - F18 Hornet