Peter Charlton's latest model

Peter, a keen regular reader of Model Boats magazine, sent in some information recently about a new model of which he is particularly proud, two previous models of his also being featured in June 2014 MB.

The model

This is of a steam yacht from a plan for Greta, designed by Jim Pottinger, price 15 shillings (75p) from the old Model Maker Plans Service, the price showing how old it was and this plan is still available today from MyHobbyStore, Ref. No. MM1306. The hull was bought at a model show and is actually from the Deans Marine Medea kit. It was a hull-only purchase and Peter wondered if it could be largely built using only bits and bobs from the spare parts box which every model boat builder usually has, and so work commenced.

The deck and superstructure is of styrene (plasticard); the funnel is a piece of plumber's plastic pipe; the window frames in the main superstructure are gun ports from a kit that never got built and the deck is of Fablon self-adhesive covering material obtained from a signwriting company, with the planking pattern picked out in pencil. Companionways and skylights are shaped balsawood cores, covered in sheet styrene and then sheathed in mahogany, this coming from an old Billings kit. Portholes have been made from plastic tube, shaped and then cut to the correct thicknesses. Davits, handles and handrails are from spare brass rod of various thicknesses and the two lifeboats (day boats), are duplicates from an old plastic kit for the USS Kearsarge. The model is radio controlled and performs well on the water, but looks equally good as a domestic display model, it all being based on the Jim Pottinger plan. The name transfers are duplicates from an early paddle steamer kit from Patrick Blunt Models dating back to the late-1970's and all the remaining fittings have all come from the 'bits and bobs' box.

Peter Charlton

Peter lives in Yateley, Hampshire, England, and has been modelling for about 45 years, both scratch building and from kits. He has received Highly Commended and Commended awards for his models at the MyTimeMedia Model Engineer Exhibition and has been a member of the Basingstoke MBC for 40 years.

(I think readers will agree that Peter has done a super job and demonstrated that with a bit of thought, a nice well detailed radio controlled model can be built in an economical way - Editor)