A look at the Cover and Contents of the 2018 Winter Special issue of Model Boats on sale 26th October

From the Editor

Welcome to the annual Model Boats Magazine Special issue which contains 100 pages and is themed around wood. You will not find any plastic or fibre-glass hulls in this issue; everything should be made of wood (unless something has sneaked by me). We have included a short feature on Chatham, Historic Dockyard which also focusses on wood which was not too much of a challenge.

One of the main challenges when creating an interesting ‘special’ is selecting a general subject which can be approached in multiple ways but still achieve the basic remit. Model Boats, whether you like it or not, is a specialist subject and when you start slicing that specialism down into smaller groups you instantly cut down on the interest level which in turn appeals to a smaller readership. We all have our particular ‘thing’ that we are really into but, at the end of the day, the majority of us just like watching, building, sailing or reading about model boats; don’t we?

With regard to the next ‘Special’, bearing in mind what I have just written, why don’t you send in your ideas and we’ll add them to the stockpile.

All the best

 Martyn Chorlton


A Tale of Two Tugs

The Chris B and Lady J by Bryon Calverley

Finishing and Sealing a Wooden Hull

Dave Milbourn takes us through his methods for finishing wooden model boats 

Sea Scout

A classic 1950s freelance cabin cruiser reviewed by Jim Newberry

Ships Boats

A study of the more common types of Ship's Boats found on ships by Richard Simpson

Halcyon Days

Kneeler boats by Ernie Lazenby

RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch (Whaleback) 1941-44

Ron Rees builds a beginner’s British Power Boat Company’s Type 2, 63ft High Speed Launch


A freelance model based on a small police launch by Glynn Guest

Drawings, Scaling and Scale

Scratch building from plans by Neville Wade

Range Finder Special

A visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard & the National Museum by Dave Wooley

Fairey Huntsman 31

Colin Bishop reviews the 1/16 scale Vintage Model Boat Company kit from SLEC

Chatham Historic Dockyard

Join the editor on a saunter around the incredible historic dockyard at Chatham

Test Bench

And some feature heading page tasters....


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