A look at the Cover and Contents of the June 2010 issue of Model Boats on sale 7th May 

This issue has as one of its main features an article by John Sefton about his scratch built Liverpool Pilot Cutter No.2, Edmund Gardner. This was his first attempt at such a challenge, and very well he has done too, with much that can be learnt from his article.

We also have a continuation of Brian Johnson's airboat series, where in this issue he has used a waterjet instead of an airscrew on a development of the original Glynn Guest design from 2007. Speaking of Glynn, one of the most prolific and skilled model boat plan designers and writers today in our model boating world, he presents a FREE PLAN and constructional step by step advice for USS Ripley, a freelance design based on a typical US Navy destroyer of WW2.

The Gallery is by David Walter and is of Southampton Tugs. These are always popular subjects for model boat builders and the pictures may encourage some new models from our readers. We also have all the usual regulars including Dave Wooley with Range Finder, Dave Brumstead and Focus on Scale, Keith Julier with Period Pieces, Stewart Rae covering offshore model boat racing plus Dave Wiggins and his ever popular Collectors' Corner Minis.

We have also had a minor name change and the general news and club information section on Page 6 - now called Compass 360 – blame my designer for that, but it is nautical and continues our programme of magazine evolution! As it so happens the recent change to the arrangements for complimentary Reader's Advertisements, has resulted in a marked upswing in these. It is a free service for readers and remember that Model Boats is the best selling magazine of its type, therefore your advertisements are in front of more model boaters than anywhere else. Anyway, there should be something for everyone here in this June issue of Model Boats. It seems strange that 2010 is almost halfway gone now!
Paul Freshney