A look at the Cover and Contents of the January 2022 issue of Model Boats on sale December 17th.

In the January 2022 issue of Model Boats magazine, don’t miss:

* A FREE PLAN for a charming little pleasure boat

* Your chance to WIN a fab R/C fishing boat kit

* A photo special on the Sir David Attenborough, a.k.a. Boaty McBoatface!

*A preview of Fantom Models new HMS Suffolk printed card 1:200 and 1:300 scale kits

* A tale of Five Boys… Ever fancied launching into live steam but been worried about biting off more than you can chew? Then be sure to read this encouraging success story!

* N Class destroyers: a fascinating service history of five Royal Navy destroyers loaned to Australia in World War II

* Atlas 5-ton crane: how to convert a static model into a fully functioning piece of onboard equipment controlled directly from your joystick

* Calling all steam enthusiasts… The simple fact is, the hobby needs more Boiler Inspectors. So what just what qualifications and attributes does the role required, and could you perhaps be a candidate?

* Jet! Another trip down memory lane as we take little look back at the 1960s’ waterjet systems that are still with us – albeit in a much-improved form…

* A modeller’s Christmas Carol: despite the fact that this issue is cover dated January 2022, it does on sale just ahead of the holidays, so we wrap up the issue with a little bedtime story for the young at heart!


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  • Your Letters: views aired and info shared
  • Your Models: more of your brilliant builds showcased

Lindsey Amrani


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