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Model Boats No.70-831 (January 2019)


Welcome to the final edition of Model Boats magazine for 2019; a year, for myself at least, which has rocketed by! Despite doubling my usual annual mileage in the process, I am still no nearer to visiting the many clubs that I planned in my head to visit; hopefully I shall make that up next year. I’ve already lost count of how many shows and events I have been to and without exception have enjoyed everyone, thanks in part to the increasing number of familiar and friendly faces who partake in this broad hobby. 2020 will be no less busy and the calendar is already beginning to fill, so once again, if you would like me to pitch up for an open day or similar event, you need to ‘bag’ me early; I’m a first come, first serve editor! There was one weekend last summer when I was invited to four events, ranging from 100 to 500 miles away!

That just leaves me to say thank you to all the great people who have supported us throughout 2019, including those who have committed to a subscription and as a result our figures continue to rise and secondly, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas; see you all in 2020.

All the best

     Martyn Chorlton


This issue goes on sale 20 December, 2019




12            HMS London

A 90 gun ship of the line, c1840 by Ashley Needham


18            Boiler Room

Burner Comparisons by Richard Simpson


24            The right engine for Campbell and Cobb

Gas Turbine engines in model boats by Ernie Lazenby


30            A Facelift for an Old Lady

The restoration of a 1960s 16in tug by Charlie Oates


34            Memory Lane

Some ‘American Exotica’ by David J Wiggins


36            Light Emitting Diodes in model boats

LEDs are a bright idea for most lighting effects in models by Martin Peterson


42            Corvette Central

From Canberra, Australia, Eris Kennedy reports on a group of committed modellers


48            The Jam Jar Submarine

Model submarines and their eccentric builders by John Cox


50            Soobrazitelnyy – Russian Corvette

Building the new Russian multi-purpose corvette RFS Soobrazitelnyy by Dave Wooley


54            St. Albans & District Model Engineering Society Show

A show report by Kim Belcher


57            Blackpool Model Show 

19/20 October, 2019 Norbreck Castle Hotel by Dave Wooley


62            The Montignac Model Show 2019

By David Garden


64            Scale Model World

Telford, 9/10 November, 2019 by Dave Wooley


67            International Model Boat Show 2019

Colin Bishop reports


70            Test Bench

A round-up of all the latest kits, books and accessories


76            Next Issue

                Preview of articles to come


77            Marketplace

                Looking for a new model or making room for another? This is the place to buy and sell!


This issue goes on sale 20 December, 2019

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