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From the Editor…

Just when I thought things were calming down a little, November surprised me with another pair of most enjoyable Model Boat events. The first was the International Model Boat Show which gave me the opportunity to not only meet a number of people in the flesh, with whom I had previously only chatted with via e-mail, but to also ‘touch base’ with a raft of new Model Boat Clubs; well new to me at least. The main thing that struck me about all of the clubs present was their enthusiasm and passion for the subject, not to mention a good measure of humour; there is nothing worse than a modeller who takes themselves too seriously!

My second outing of the month was local, although for those who know just how big Lincolnshire is, it still took me about an hour and twenty minutes (yes - I live in Lincolnshire - not Kent) to get to the Mobile Marine Open Day. It was nice to be able to walk straight in and be welcomed by a number of friendly faces. By the time I had left, I had expanded that group to several more.

So, that’s it for 2018; have a very Happy Christmas everyone and great New Year.

All the best

Martyn Chorlton


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