A look at the Cover and Contents of the February 2021 issue of Model Boats on sale 8th January.

Don't miss your chance to WIN Revell’s Platinum Edition USS Enterprise kit, our Q&A with crime novelist and talented modeller Chris Donoghue, loads of fascinating feature length articles and lots, lots more – all in the Feb 2021 issue of Model Boats

  • Your chance to win Revell’s Platinum Edition USS Enterprise CVN-65 kit, worth £149.99!
  •  Every picture tells a story: in this month’s MB Q&A we talk to crime novelist and talented modeller Chris O’Donoghue
  • Kandahar: how a plastic kit-built Grimsby trawler was transformed into a fully working R/C charmer with a little plastic magic
  • A most secret submarine: the fascinating backstory behind a mission to make the experimental X-1 resurface in model form
  • Supermarine Walrus: a challenging model boat project that well and truly earned its wings
  • New to the hobby? Our beginner’s guide to sailing shares some helpful advice for those wanting to get started
  • Scanning the horizon for potential builds? The Guardian may be just what you’re looking for…
  • Servo sorcery: the first instalment in our two-parter takes the mystic out of how a basic anologue servo works 
  • Scrapbox challenge: a thrifty lockdown project that may just encourage you to get a bit more creative when it comes to recycling
  • Boiler Room: some useful pointers on selecting the right pump type
  • Plunder like a pirate, Part 2: a further foray into the wealth of repurposeable and adaptable goodies worth raiding other sectors of the market for
  • Soobrazitelnyy: the next instalment in our highly detailed 1:72 scale Russian multi-purpose Soobrazitelnyy corvette series


  • Compass 360: latest hobby-related news
  • Your letters: views aired, and information shared
  • Your models: join us as we celebrate achievements at this everyone’s welcome launch party
  • Buy the book: recommended new titles for your bookshelf



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