A look at the Cover and Contents of the December 2021 issue of Model Boats on sale November 19th.


In the December 2021 issue of Model Boats magazine, don’t miss:
* Your chance to WIN one of three superb prize packages from JSC, each of which includes not only the splendid card kit for the cargo ship Susanne but the laser-cut detail extension pack Susanne, tools, glue and stand

* Sailing Wellness: we chat with Simon Collyer, founder of an important new ‘Blue Health’ R/C yachting initiative aimed at helping traumatised ex-service personnel get back on an even keel
*The winds of change: just what will the cargo vessels of the future look like? In the second of this month’s MB Q&As, Andrew Willner from the Centre of Post Cargo Logistics explains the vision for cleaner, green shipping and new age of retro-revolutionary sail  

*The Blackpool Model Boat Show: we report from back from this year’s spectacular event
* The Sound of Asdic: the true story of Captain von Trapp’s naval exploits
* Stealth Boat: your mission if you choose to accept it…
* Rapier revisited: read all about one modeller’s build modifications to Graham Taylor’s original experimental R/C hydrofoil model plan

* Jetex joy: a nostalgic blast from the past
* The project under the bench: let’s face it, most modellers have one, and this month’s tale of finally taking care of unfinished business may just inspire you to do the same
* Once, twice, three times a lady: a much loved old boat gets a new incarnation

* Midget sub, Part 2: after showing you how to get started on this exciting and cheap as chips recycling project, this month we conclude by explaining how construction can be tailored to suit your own personal modelling skills and capabilities
* Boiler Room: a quick and easy working steam launch followed through to completion


  • A round up of the latest hobby-related news  
  • Your Letters: views aired and info shared
  • Your Models: more of your brilliant builds showcased

Lindsey Amrani

A taste of this month's contents:

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