A look at the Cover and Contents of the December 2018 issue of Model Boats on sale 23rd November

From the Editor

I sit here chuckling to myself after reading one of those comments that does the rounds on social media, namely, ‘There are twelve days of Christmas, none of which are in November!’ – You can’t argue with that. However, by the time this issue lands on your doormat the big man will only be about four weeks away from coming down your chimney. I hope you have already made your model boating Christmas lists?

It’s been a busy month on Model Boats, peaking on 21 October when I travelled up to Blackpool from South Lincs, embarking on a painless journey which took a mere three hours. While the seaside was not particularly welcoming, the greeting at The Blackpool Model Show was very warm and after a great chat with Dave Wooley, my feet never touched the ground for the next five hours or so! The organisers had no idea I was coming and it was my intention to just slip under the radar and enjoy the show. While I did do the latter, within no time I had ‘volunteered’ my services and, by mid-afternoon, was dishing out a large number of prizes covering a wide variety of categories and disciplines.

Have a good month model boating, even if your hobby has now, potentially been relocated to the workshop!    

All the best

Martyn Chorlton


Compass 360

News from the model boating world


A wave-piercing catamaran ferry by Roy Cheers (Part 2 of 2)

Boiler Room

The Orange Book (Part 1) by Richard Simpson

Flotsam & Jetsam

The story of Bassett-Lowke by John Parker


Super green, super yacht by Fraser Gray

Pieter Boele

A Deans Marine period steam tugboat by Allan Miller

OSA 2 Fast Missile Boat

The penultimate segment of the OSA 2 build by Dave Wooley


Your next scratch-built model could come from many sources John Parker

Tin Tin’s Ship

The Belgian heroes ship, the S.S. Aurora by Dirk Bonne


Miniature sailing ship modelling by Robert A. Wilson FRSA

Blackpool Model Show

A show report beside the seaside, beside the sea by Dave Wooley

Range Finder

Exclusive images of the Russian corvette Soobrazitelnyy by Dave Wooley

Test Bench

A round-up of all the latest kits, books and accessories

Next Issue

Preview of articles to come


Looking for a new model or making room for another? This is the place to buy and sell!


Some header pages to whet your appetite!

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