A look at the Cover and Contents of the August 2022 issue of Model Boats on sale July 22nd.

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In the August 2022 issue of Model Boats magazine, don’t miss…

* Our review of JSC’s improved and updated cardboard kit for HMS Hood, PLUS an exclusive to MB 20% off discount code

Dawn Mist: a classic motor cruiser beautifully rebuilt and refinished by Phil Button 

* Taking the plunge: Glynn Guest explains why and how he first dived into the tricky art of submarine modelling

* Fenland Lighter: John Mileson shows off his latest striking conversation starter

* Back to the Hood: Doug Neilson reminds us that home is where the heart is, in this plastic magic tale

* Empress of Canada – Part 3: Roy Cheers continues his account of an ambitious project to recreate this elegant transatlantic liner in 1:160 scale

* Flotsam & Jetsam: Anyone remember The Boys Own Paper and Meccano Magazine? John Parker turns back the pages of time

* Memory Lane: Dave Wiggins reflects back on the 1975 5-Channel Challenger ‘Sport’ radio from Pro-Line Electronics

* Boiler Room: Richard Simpson provides the third in four instalments focused on his recent build of the steam-powered launch Wide-a-Wake, designed and constructed to test out some very innovative new equipment  


  • Our Compass 360 news round-up, including an details of Vanguard Models latest kit for the Barking well smack, Saucy Jack
  • Your Models: a bumper 8-page section featuring your brilliant builds
  • Your Letters: views aired and appeals launched

 Lindsey Amrani




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