Two FREE plans!

To underpin the start of the season and to bolster that general feeling of wellbeing that we all get with the arrival of spring, we’re giving you a small gift with our May issue in the form of an additional FREE plan that features two great designs to build ­– Ray Wood’s Freeman 22 cruiser and John Goodyear’s racy-looking RG65-legal sailboat called Alpha. You're gonna love ‘em!


Taking our cover spot Ray’s Freeman 22 is a delightfully evocative one inch to the foot version of the late ‘50s cruiser that’s affectionately regarded as the original caravan afloat. Inspired by memories of family holidays on the river Medway this one really captures the essence of the GRP craft in a bevy of balsa and ply. 


Following his January piece on the construction of his outstanding model of the square rig sailing clipper Mount Stewart, Neville Wade returns to discuss his tried and tested method of yard sail control.


Fact: Fast boats are fun. Add a competitive edge and you have a recipe for excitement by the bucketload. If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand then you're in luck. Join Ian Williams for an introduction on how to get started in fast electric racing.


Can a shallow draught model boat really be a practical proposition? In this forerunner to his next June issue free plan, Glynn Guest suggests it can, then proves it to be the case.


Dave Wooley moves amidships to continue his tour of Type 23 Frigate HMS Iron Duke, then breaks out his digital soldering iron and sets to work on some humble two-bar handrails for his OSA 2 fast missile boat project.


For the second of our FREE plans we turned to John Goodyear, and thank goodness we did for the result of his scribblings is a classy-looking quick-build RG-65-legal racing sailboat that’ll more than hold its own at the club. Look forward to a performance that’ll raise more than a few eyebrows.


If you’ve ever wondered why older, classic model boats are built like the proverbial brick outhouse it’ll have everything to do with the fact that they were products of their time – a time when internal combustion engines ruled the world. John Parker sheds some light.

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