Full to overflowing...

With 84 carefully considered pages to play with we’ve really packed it in to the March issue. Starting with the editor’s photo report from the recent London Model Engineering Exhibition there’s everything from subs to scale, sail, nostalgia and new products. In truth, it’s a bit of a model boating feast.


Taking pride of place on the cover is another unorthodox design from the Ashley Needham stable, this time recreating the obscure 1922 Farman Hydroglisseur or, to you and I, an early French fan boat. Ashley jovially describes it as an air-propelled camper van and goes on to detail the construction of his unique model.


In memory of a ship and heroic crew that history has largely forgotten, Roy Cheers builds a model of the merchant ship that fended off the Admiral Scheer and paid the ultimate price.


Having collected a veritable potpourri of reference works, fittings and a 1:200-scale card model – no less – Francis Macnaughton turns a long-term ambition into a scratch-built two foot working replica of the 1941 Abdiel-Class fast minelayer and transport ship.


Yes folks, your letters are back on a bi-monthly basis so if you’ve got a view to air, something to show us, or even a tip to share, write and tell the world.


Dave Wooley recently stumbled across an outstanding model of Bismark that’s being made entirely from photo-etch metal parts. Staggeringly impressive, we’ve allocated three pages to Dave’s photo feature which warship and scale fans are sure to appreciate.

MEX 2018

Offering an opportunity to lift the late-winter spirits, the January London Model Engineering Exhibition is always well attended by the model boating fraternity and this year was no exception. Read the editor’s report and check out some outstanding examples of excellence in model boat building.


Looking for a bespoke pressure-tested boiler to which you can add your own fixtures and fittings? What you need is a bare boiler! Richard Simpson investigates.

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