25th Anniversary Show of the Malta Association of Model Engineers


Malta Association of Model Engineers

My annual visit to the Association of Model Engineers (AME) Exhibition in Malta started for me on the 1st October 2008, although the exhibition was held from 27th September to 5th October.
2008 was a milestone in their history, as it happened to be the 25th anniversary of the club. The exhibition has been held for the last few years at the Scout Headquarters in Floriana just adjacent to the City of Valletta. This makes it a very short distance to walk from the main bus terminal. I know that I have reported on this event before, but Malta is a popular holiday destination and model boating is actively pursued on this famous island. A favourite saying is that you cannot go anywhere without seeing someone you know, so when entering the hall I was pleased to meet some model boaters with their wives from one of the North of England clubs.

There were many members from the AME in attendance during the days I was at the show and with their usual hospitality they made me most welcome. The AME caters for all sections of the hobby from model engineering, plastic modelling, dioramas and model boats. Model boats have a great following on Malta and generally consist of scratch built, conventional kits, plastic kits and even cardboard models.

Contact details are via their website: www.a-m-e.org. The 2009 exhibition will actually be held in the month of May rather than in the Autumn, so please check the website for the exact dates. On that note, I will let the pictures do the talking!