Grimsby and Cleethorpes MBC

DAVE ALLEN reports on their Club Open Night in March

A very nicely made American paddler in the Past Winners Class.

Earlier this year I got a phone call from fellow WHMS member Ian Kennedy asking if I would like to static judge at this event on the 3rd March, as Tom Gorman was in danger of ‘judging burnout’ as he had done this for the last couple of years.

So it was agreed and off we went. There was a fantastic range of types and sizes of model boats all laid out in their respective classes, including Past Winners, Kit, Semi-kit and Scratch Built with a total of over 30 models on display.

As well as the opportunity of having your boat judged there was a buffet laid on by the ladies of the club. A good tip is that if you are asked to judge at one of these events then go to the buffet first, otherwise it has all gone by the time you have finished your duties! Ian Kennedy and I started with the Semi-kit Class and after much deliberation agreed that the winner was Keith Clifton’s Eldergarth, built on a Mobile Marine Models hull.

The next section to be judged was the Kit Class. There was really good turnout in this class, but the eventual winner was Harry Younger with his large Perkasa model which was very nicely put together and finished.

The Scratch Built Class was a difficult one to judge with the standard being very good. We did not know the builder’s name when judging and were torn between Gladys Ann, a Grimsby fishing vessel and a sailing barge named Katie, but we should have not been concerned about the final result as they were both built by Mick Silver.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, we now had the range of past winners to contend with and of course the standard here was extremely high and there were some of the best models you could have wished to judge. The eventual winner was a Mount Fleet Models Highlander Clyde puffer, very tastefully weathered and detailed.

At the end of the evening, the trophies and awards were presented by Ian Kennedy and the club chairman, Mick Robinson. Grimsby and Cleethorpes MBC sail at Sydney Park, Cleethorpes and meet every third Wednesday in the month at the Lucardis public house in Humberston. Club contact is Bernard Snell, 18 Neville Turner Way, Waltham, DN37 0YG, tel: 01472 236982.

Class winners

Semi-kit Class:                    Keith Clifton

Kit Class:                              Harry Younger

Scratch Built Class:           Mick Silver

Past Winner Class:            Graham Farrow