The fleet just after the start of a race.

The Guildford MYC sailing water at Abbey Meads was looking magnificent for this event, held on the 2nd February 2014. Because the water level caused by the recent floods was close to the top of the bank, the boats were able to launch from the third step down from the top, without the need for a launching platform.

Eleven entries from three MYA districts were treated to a really good day's sailing in marvellous weather conditions; such a change from the rain and gloom of the previous few weeks. Race officers Martin Crysell and Hugh McAdoo made a really good job of running the event and managed to fit in 16 races over a simple 50 metre windward/leeward course with a windward spreader and leeward gate. The south-westerly wind occasionally became southerly and gave a relatively steady wind of 8 or 9 miles an hour, but for most of the day it was variable in direction, with holes and strong gusts causing broaching on the off wind legs.

Morning sessionStrong gusty conditions on the day!

Peter Shepherd sailing a SLIM design in a 'Justin Rig' (the biggest on UK Footy's) snatched Race 1 from Rob Vice sailing his ICE with the slightly smaller 550mm rig, in the last centimetres to the finishing line with Peter Dunne in third place. Rob then had a good race with another ICE sailed by Roger Stollery with Peter Jackson sailing another big rigged SLIM in third place. Roger then turned the tables on Rob in Race 3 with Peter Jackson again in third place. However from then on in Races 4 to 7, Rob was invincible with Roger and Peter Shepherd chasing, but not able to catch his runaway ICE. By lunchtime Rob was on top of the leaderboard with 9 points, with Roger on 22 and Peter Jackson on 28.

During the very pleasant warm and sunny lunch break, those involved in running the Footy Gold Cup on 26/27 July 2014 at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes, had an informal discussion to confirm actions taken since the inaugural meeting. This is an international event, where the best European Footy sailors are expected to attend and where Sail Footy UK is encouraging a big British entry to counter this challenge.

Afternoon session

Hugh McAdoo reset the course to match the change in the wind, which was slightly more westerly and extended the length so that the afternoon races could be just a single lap. The wind had become a little lighter and Roger took advantage of this by changing to his 'Justin Rig' and won Races 8 and 9 easily from Rob, with the 'two Peters' picking up the third places. Not to be outdone, Rob came back with a win in Race 10 with Peter Jackson and Roger in second and third places. Roger maintained his challenge by winning Races 11 and 12, but then let Peter Jackson win Race 13; he was absolutely delighted to have beaten all the powerful ICE boats with his very narrow SLIM. He let Rob win again in Race 14, but repeated his win in Race 15. In the final race, Roger added another win, whilst Rob retired with a technical problem, leaving Peter Shepherd to take second and Alan Viney was third.

Peter Dunne's SUPABUG No.117 manoeuvring before the start.

Final positions

After the 176 scores had been checked and the results announced, there was a tie for first place with Rob taking Fred's Big Toephy on count-back, having just one more win than Roger. This year Sail Footy UK have initiated a 'novICE' prize to encourage those who have not been in the top three during the last two years and it was won here by Alan Viney. Competitors thanked Martin Crysell and Hugh McAdoo for running another good event, the latter of these two going out in the rubber dinghy numerous times to rescue boats that had suffered technical failure, usually due to being over-canvassed.


1st, Rob Vice; 2nd, Roger Stollery; 3rd, Peter Jackson; 4th, Peter Shepherd; 5th, Scott Wallis; 6th, (also winner of the novICE Trophy) Alan Viney; 7th, Peter Dunne; 8th, Charles Smith; 9th, Mike Ewart; 10th, Keith Parrott; 11th, Sid Simms.

Alan Viney receiving his 'novICE' prize from Martin Crysell.


(This show report featured in our April 2014 issue.  We regularly carry show reports such as this one kindly submitted by Roger, so do keep an eye out for reports on your local events)