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There’s another eclectic mix of all your favourite articles coming in the February issue, not to mention a few treats. Look forward to a new Glynn Guest FREE plan, a weekend workshop project for yachtsmen, a bit of history, some sub stuff and plenty more.


Master of the obscure and the unusual Glynn Guest has done it again and delivered an accessible, quick-build boat, with a difference. Enter Janus, a cartoon-scale version of a Mediterranean island-hopping ferry that features a rudder and propeller at each end for manoeuvring in all directions. Build it from balsa and card.


In the first of a two-part feature on making sails for racing, John Goodyear takes a roll of Mylar, some simple tools and materials, and creates a Bermuda rig to be proud of.


We’re going to miss Chris Drage and his skill at making 1:700 scale naval dioramas. Alas the February issue hosts the last of his current series. Prepare, then, to be transported back to Algeria, 1943, where preparations for the Allied invasion of Sicily are in full swing.


If, like us, you admired Bryon Calverley’s December issue Clyde Puffer, we're sure you'll appreciate the exquisite detail on his West Coast Troller.


John Parker is renowned for his ‘articles of interest’ and this month he certainly doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy, then, his fascinating account of the 1942 attack on Sydney harbour that almost wrought havoc on two unsuspecting capital ships.


Scratch-building is undoubtedly the most demanding way to produce a unique model and when that model happens to be a less than well-known submarine, the challenge is heightened. Fortunately, Roger Suitters has never been one to take the easy option which you’ll quickly to realise in Part 1 of his NR-1 build article.


Colin Bishop takes us on a photographic tour of the annual International Model Boat Show and finds an inspirational mix of models, trade stands and pool activity.

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