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Pic 1: Epic Centre Main Hall. Pic 2: A regular supporter - Deans Marine. Pic 3: Speedline Models were showing their new 1/16th scale Severn Lifeboat. Pic 4: The lads from Shipfinder General taking a break. Pic 5: Modelling Timbers,, a useful supplier. Pic 6: ACTion with their range of electronic devices including some new items. Pic 7: Model Motors Direct, note the extra hand on the table clutching the motor. Pic 8: Allan Miller was demonstrating the art of model building. Pic 9: Plans and books by John Lambert. Pic 10: There was plenty of seating around the pool.

Now in its second year, the Epic Centre hosted this August Bank Holiday Model Boat Show. This up and coming show is run and organized by A Model World and it attracted a large number of model boat traders and the usual number of club stands and modellers.

The event runs over the bank holiday and is held in the sports halls at the centre, which for this year had changed the area for operating the model boats from the swimming pool, which was used in 2006, to a large portable pool situated in one of the smaller halls next to the main exhibition area. This area was really well attended and provided seating for the public as well as plenty of space on the water for sailing the model boats.

The trade stands were there in large numbers and the modellers had no problem in picking up most of their bits and pieces, from small items to full kits, although there is always something that one cannot get at any show. Demonstrations of model boat building were carried out by Alan Miller, who had a stand and was very busy over the weekend, talking to the public and modellers about model boat building, answering questions and passing on advice in his usual expert way.

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Pic 11: A superb model of Vliestroom on the water with a working crane. Pic 12 & 13: A working model of the Douglas Head, a steam ferry. The interior view shows the motors and internals of the model. Pic 14: Dutch Courage, a new tug from Model Slipway. Pic 15: Something for the ladies. Pic 16: A nice model of the Queen Mary 2. Pic 17: Neleus, built in 1953 for the Blue Funnel Line and modelled by Stan Amos. Pic 18: H.M.S. Victory, built by M. Knowles. Pic 19: If the devil could cast his net! Hi guys! Pic 20: A well done to some of the prize winners.

Also displaying his drawings and books was John Lambert. This was a rare appearance by one of the most prolific producers of naval information in the country. The model clubs were in attendance with a good number of models, ranging from scratch-built models to semi-scratch and to kit models, with some very unusual subjects.

During the weekend, some of the models were entered to be judged in various classes and there was a prize giving on the Sunday afternoon. It was a good show, well attended and well organised. The dates for next years event have to be confirmed keep an eye open for the advertisements.