Sail, scale, subs & shows...

Don’t look now but there’s another packed issue coming your way! Starting with James Pottinger’s FREE plan for the classic ‘50s motor tug Prestwick, there’s a bit of Plastic Magic, a report from the Telford Scale Model World show, a fascinating insight into the development of the blossoming DF sail racing classes and heaps more.


James Pottinger has a knack of finding appealing boats that almost seem as if they were ‘made for the modeller’. The classic West Country-built mid-fifties motor tug Prestwick is a prime example and with the aid of Jim’s beautifully drawn Master Plan you can build your own in 1:40 scale. 


There’s satisfaction to be found at every stage of a model boat build, not least when it’s wooden and traditional. In Part 2 of his ‘gentleman’s launch’ blog, Graham Ashby gets to grips with templates and skins.


Top model-maker Tony Dalton returns with another cunningly engineered plastic kit conversion, but this time with a twist. Not happy with building the most famous of the Olympic Class liners Tony took two Revell 1:350 scale Titanic kits and turned them into a sister act.


Dave Wooley takes his brownie aboard Type 23 Frigate HMS Iron Duke and snaps a photographic record with the model-maker in mind.

MTB 102

An executive toy, a naval weapon of war, a film star, a scout project and, somewhat disturbingly, very nearly a houseboat! In our Gallery this month, Fraser Gray gets up-close and personal with a restored and much-admired maritime treasure.


25,000 boats sold worldwide, over 1500 registered yachts in the UK and countless clubs dedicated to the type, the DF class is firmly established, growing with every passing year and, quite clearly, here to stay. DF designer John Tushingham takes us back to the beginning.


Remember the Elmic Sprite and Elmic Thrust-Pak? John Parker takes us back nearly 60 years to a joint venture that served the common good and helped encourage newcomers to the hobby.

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