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Bob Abell20/01/2008 14:53:00
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What model is this Tony? .....and how long is it?
Tony Hadley20/01/2008 22:48:00
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Hi Bob,

The model is called 'Jenny' -- 25" (635mm) long. Came as a free plan in Model Boats magazine November 1988. It was a double sided plan, the other side was 'Streamlinette' a simple launch. Both plans depicted the 1920's era and were designed by Mr Douglas Mc Ghee. I have just received permission to upload the photographs from the original item into the gallery.

The boat has been a delight to build, costs involved have been minimal. The hull is balsa planking covered in one leg of a ladies nylon tight. The masts, booms etc., are now ready to be fitted. The sails have been made by Housemartin and finally the radio can be fitted. The boat has been bath tested only. She is a fair weather craft only, and to quote Mr Mc Ghee's original item, "A straw boater hat and striped trousers will be needed".

Thanks for asking about the model.

Tony Hadley.

Grunt03/04/2008 01:45:00
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Hi Bob

greeting from Oz , I started building Jenny a few years back , not finished as yet , too many projects on the go .

I am at hull with keel stage , also did the stocking trick , makes a strong light hull ?, are you going with the external sail lever , I may not do it this way , not decided as yet.

I found some brown ripstop nylon shower curtin material for the sails , to go with the 1920 's style .

Anyway look forward to seeing your  finished boat on the water


Grant Smith 

Tony Hadley03/04/2008 21:15:00
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Thanks Grant,

Due on the water shortly, considering our weather!! I will be posting the photographs.

Yes I am using the external lever arm, due to the limited space, I can't think of an alternative. Will look forward to any alternative sugestions.

Happy modelmaking, Tony. 

Bob Abell04/04/2008 06:46:00
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For "Fun Sailing" don`t need a sail winch at all!

Just allow about 30 degrees movement .......and off you go!

Bob Abell

Grunt04/04/2008 10:24:00
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Hi Tony

If you are like me , you may have old copies of Model Boat mags , December 1990 came with a free plan for a 25 inch Radio model yacht called AKELA , , the sheeting is worked below deck , a plywood sail arm lever is hinged from one end to inside the hull , this arm is driven via a linkage from a standard servo .

The other end of the arm has the sheet attached thru a nylon tube to exit nearly at the bow ,aand then attached the the boom , the rig is a swing type , maybe an alternative to above deck arm









As you can see they are a bit dusty , been in storage for a while ,

Another great site is

anyway enjoy


Tony Hadley05/04/2008 19:40:00
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Hi again Grant,

Thanks for this, for this summer I plan to stick with what I've already done, however next winter I will certainly consider these modifications.

I do like the circular hatch on your model, this is more in keeping with model yachts of the 1920's era. Again this could be a future modification.

What are your plans for completion? Have you made the sails yet?

The above deck lever arm on mine is made from round brass tube, not the square tube on the plan. Done this way to minimise hole size through the cabin. Radio now fitted, just needs rigging. Sorry I can't send photo's, I am currently having PC woes.

Happy model making, Tony. 

Grunt06/04/2008 08:00:00
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Hi Tony,

The pictures posted are two boats , Jenny and Akela ,  

I found some brown ripstop nylon shower curtin material for the sails , to go with the 1920 's style of Jenny.

Akela is an ulta modern yacht with swing rig and will have Mylar sails ( draughting film )  

there are no classes for these two boats here in Australia , so just pleasure sailing  .

Hope you get your PC sorted as I am really  looking forward to seeing Jenny finished and on the wate.

my email address is

Best Again


Tony Hadley06/04/2008 12:38:00
914 forum posts
559 photos

Hi again Grant,

I will look out for December 1990 Model Boats AKELA. Looks interesting for the future. (I am a 'kitchen table', balsa type builder).

Thanks for supplying your email, it will be a pleasure to be in touch more. I will forward my email when PC and ISP woes are sorted. I am currently using a loaned laptop on dial up. Hope to get sorted soon.

The sails for 'Jenny' have been made by Housemartin and look superb, so I am really looking forward to getting this craft on the water. My other yacht is an IOM, which came in need of TLC. This has now been done and a winch fitted. I really struggled due to lack of space hence reality 'kicks in', and as stated above 'kitchen table' models in future.

I will look forward to seeing your yachts on the water.

Happy building Tony.

Grunt06/04/2008 16:43:00
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Hi Tony

The plans for Akela are at the site below  ,  in Dutch but has English  also , they call it  XL25 , the main difference between the two , one has wood  (Model Boat Version) mast and swing rig , the XL25 has carbon fibre, good size to build in kitchen at  25 inches

 You must visit this site below , guy from New Zealand ,has produced a great book on build from scratch a 750mm model racing yacht , I just bought the book from him in New zealand , it has to be one of the best books of it kind ever , ( no, not getting payed to say this.) , great price also , comes with full size plan , stickers and full colour manual. 

Well waffled on again sorry , by for now ,

Best Grant

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