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Powerful motors

For Great Eastern ship

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Bob Abell12/01/2008 14:57:00
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Message for Manxman

Hello Ken....................You mentioned a make of motor........."POWER 1000"

More information please.......speed.......size..........price........and where do I get them from?

Need to plan ahead...........thanks!

Bob the Builder

Manxman12/01/2008 18:38:00
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Hi Bob,

The Pacific Light I'm building is only 48" in length but will be extremely heavy.  My choice of motors (2) was I needed power and not speed, I also don't like using gearboxes as they add extra noise.


   Supplier =

   Robbe Power 1ooo motor

   Current amps @ max efficiency = 2.5 amps

   Maximum power = 10.oo amps

   Revs = 650

   Efficiency = 70%

   Weight - 1ooog (1kilo)

   Length = 96mm

   Voltage = 6v-12v

Suppressors - here you may have a problem. Normally we would fit 3 capacitors to suppress any electrical noise, however I have only been able to fit one, across the power terminals inside the motor as there are no external terminals. The motor is held together by two lengths of screw thread which pass through the full length of the motor, but these do make mounting them easy through 2 half height bulkheads.

Now if that hasn't put you off - the next bit of info will...

You will need to be sitting down for this ...

Cost = £37.99 + postage !

If you have used nitro engines before you may already have a motor. The electric starters for these engines use a similar motor.

I also intend to fit these motors into my Imara tug

Cheers - Ken

Paul T12/01/2008 19:28:00
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Hi Bob

This might sound daft especially with you and Ken talking about such big powerful motors but have you considered using geared meccano motors to drive the paddle wheels.

When geared to the slower speeds they are very powerful and should rotate the paddles at the right scale speed, they will also take up less space in the hull especially as they will be sitting transverse.

By the way the build is looking very good.


Bob Abell12/01/2008 19:39:00
9334 forum posts
2985 photos

Thanks Paul

Don`t really fancy Meccano motors for some reason.........I`m looking for something brutish and powerful.......especially for the prop

The paddles will have a chain reduction drive anyway.

I don`t want to crawl round the pond at a puny scale speed.......not that I`ll go charging about like a Loony!..........I like the idea of getting somewhere fast when I need to!

The Robbe motors sound ok but not impressed with the capacity nonsense!

Regards Bob

Manxman12/01/2008 20:15:00
440 forum posts
133 photos

Hi Bob,

Just had a thought about the suppressor.

There may be a way of fitting without opening the motor.  Not sure of the name I think they are "Scotch Locks", we use to use them on cars to connect accessories without cutting the wire, don't know if you remember them. Still available at Halfords and the like.

Could also just "nick" the insulation, solder the capacitor lead on and then slide a little heat shrink on.

I agree the capacitors are a pain but I've already done them,  however when I come to use them on the Imara, I think I'll go with the nick & heat shrink idea. That way I'll be able to get all 3 on.


Len Ochiltree13/01/2008 15:48:00
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Hi Bob&Others,

Have you thought of using Wheelchair motors?they sometimes get changed for not much reason,also batteries, so chat up your local Mobility Repair shop.

I also heard of a chap using car electric window motors, they have a right angle drive.


Manxman13/01/2008 16:16:00
440 forum posts
133 photos

Hi Len,

I wrote a nice little reply there to your suggestion, but deleted it as I do not wish to be thrown of the forum or bring it into disrepute for bad language - may work for other people, but for me, from past experience with these mobility guys will give the idea a miss.

The window idea is a good one though.

Cheers - Ken

Sandy Thomson14/01/2008 20:41:00
27 forum posts
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Another suggestion Bob, is the motors which raise the seats in the Ford Granada, up and down.

Try any scrap yard       AT

Bob Abell14/01/2008 20:54:00
9334 forum posts
2985 photos

Thanks for that Alex.......I really want something more user friendly than that

Another thing is that the motor is only 1.5" above the inside of the hull!

I keep looking at the MFA 800 motors with mechanical controller?........Too small?

Manxman14/01/2008 21:29:00
440 forum posts
133 photos

Hi Bob,

Quote : "the motor is only 1.5" above the inside of the hull" - does this refer to the center of the prop shaft ? - meaning you could fit a motor up to 3" diameter.

Your looking at the MFA 800, but reckon they are too small, can you fit two of them ? - with a belt drive as in the severn class lifeboat featured in MB.

When I fitted the 1ooo's, I did not have much height due to the angle of the shafts. The motor mounts were two lengths of ply glued each side of the motor.  The space was filled with silicone, motor wrapped in clingfilm and replaced.  Took 3 days to cure, but ended up with a bed that was a perfect match, absorb any vibration and stopped any noise transferring to the hull.

Cheers - Ken

Hey - its just another idea to ponder over, no need for a metal motor mount.

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