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Howard27/12/2013 00:06:31
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Paul, your Brutus concept looks attractive! It seems that some current thinking on 'wave piercing' hulls shows that they are most efficient when long and thin, sometimes needing small trimaran-type outriggers at the stern for stability. That could be an interesting model to develop, from the aspects of both performance and appearance. Howard.

Bob Abell27/12/2013 05:40:07
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Thank you, Howard

You have given me a thought......Here we go, boys!

Imagine a full size ship, slender, about 300M long.....Fully water tight, Could also be Submarine shape with the Axe shape bows.....With minimum floatation compartments at the front

In a storm, would it chop through the big waves, giving a smooth ride?

What do you think, Paul?

Our model would be a nice test bed in choppy water


Diede van Abs28/12/2013 23:41:43
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Hi Bob, Paul,

Not sure if I am too late with it, but...

Why don't you solve your motor-placement problem by fairing the bottom to a fairly flat shape earlier in the hull? Look up photos of the Damen FCS series ( - on Google you can find pictures of the bottom as well - and you'll see the aft 1/3 of the hull is practically flat. Their range goes from 33 to over 60 meters length.

Admitted, these ships are almost all full displacement hulls where your goal is clearly semi displacement or full planing hull - but I think you can get away with having a flatter aft part.

Only issue you will get by doing this, is that the twist in the forward part of the bottom will be substantial.

Love the idea of a wave-piercing axe-bow, though, and I'll follow your progress!

Bob Abell29/12/2013 06:04:16
8949 forum posts
2824 photos

Food for thought, Paul

I'll not start production, 'till the dust settles?


Paul T29/12/2013 09:08:36
7183 forum posts
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Hi Diede

Thank you for your comments and I appreciate the amount of time that you must have spent in thinking about my problems and coming up with a possible solution.

It is only fair that I fill in a little background and explain what is driving this project and how I arrived at this point.

The inspiration behind the Brutus design came from many different areas but I have had a long term fascination with the Damen Seaaxe and ways in which the hull shape could be adapted to produce a planning hull that kept its bow in the water at all times.

The underwater profile of Brutus is essentially a hybrid which at low speed acts like a full displacement hull but at higher speed the planning surface of the lower hull (1/3 of the keel back from the bow) takes over to lift the boat, the curve in the keel keeps the knife bow in the water even at high speed.

brutus waterline.jpg

For me the challenge of the Brutus project revolves around the hydrodynamics involved in making the concept work without making compromises.

On the downside I do have a nagging fear that I am giving life to Zaphod's comments regarding a new ship in The Restaurant at the end of the Universe....... but only time will tell.


Apart form minor shavings here and there the design wont change so don't worry about delaying your build.


Bob Abell02/01/2014 10:05:13
8949 forum posts
2824 photos

Shop floor to Technical department

I`ll be getting the wood today

Any changes to the plans, received last week?

Bob.........Fingers drumming

Paul T02/01/2014 14:03:39
7183 forum posts
1214 photos
2 articles

Hi Bob

No changes but there will be some additions in the form of two horizontal panels between the bow and F1 at the chine and deck levels.


Bob Abell02/01/2014 17:25:01
8949 forum posts
2824 photos

Shop floor to Technical dept

Finally got the plywood.......Looking forwardnow, to the build

Didn`t realise how big a four foot boat was, till I laid the keel out!

But it don`t frighten me, Matey Boy!


Bob Abell02/01/2014 20:14:50
8949 forum posts
2824 photos

Shop floor to BiG T

Received latest batch of three prints.....OK

Made a start on the keel, using two layers of ply

Ideal for laps joints as the ply is not quite long enough and also ensures a dead flat keel

Have shown Ellie hull on keel print to show relative size of new project



Amy jane September02/01/2014 22:40:42
551 forum posts
515 photos

ooh... Goody, looking forward to this....

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