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Amy jane September16/12/2013 09:40:50
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ashley needham16/12/2013 10:04:56
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"Up Pompeii " comes to mind;


Bob Abell16/12/2013 10:23:15
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Cloak and dagger work!

Secret cryptic messages and codes!

Shakespearian tragedies!

Flippant suggestions!

It all comes in handy when we are creating outrageous model boats!

And here`s a cracker for Ashley.....Part 1........"The long sobs of Autumn Violins"

Part 2........" Wounding my heart with a monotonous languor"

Here`s a clue.......Wartime messages to the French Resistance!

Mon Ami

Dave Milbourn16/12/2013 11:03:22
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OK. This is the way it works;

Casca = a character from Julius Caesar, which is a play by William Shakespeare ( a well-known English bard);
Cascamite = a popular urea/aldehyde-based adhesive often used for making model boats;
"Casca might" = a pun - as in "Casca might have a mean and hungry look" which takes the line concerning Cassius, another character of whom it was actually spoken, and transforms it by substituting the word 'cascamite', thus making a pun by exploiting a similarity of words between Shakespeare's play and the hobby of making model boats.
Pun - also called paronomasia, is a form of word-play that suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of words, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect.

Isn't humour dull when it needs explaining? "To titter or not to titter - that is the question, missus".*


*To paraphrase Frankie Howerd, the late British comedian, whose TV series "Up Pompeii" parodied Roman life and relied heavily on puns and innuendo...............(How much more of this can you take?)



Edited By Dave Milbourn on 16/12/2013 11:06:31

Paul T20/12/2013 12:48:51
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Now that the comedy hour and subsequent lengthy explanations have finished we can get back to the serious business of model building.

I am slowly detailing the drawings but I am now able to confirm that Brutus will be 4ft long 1ft wide and 11in tall (or the metric equivalent)


Bob Abell20/12/2013 17:11:26
8921 forum posts
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That`s a nice chunky size, Paul

With plenty of room for a pair of chunky motors too!

Any progress with the 3D view yet?.......But take your time, there`s no rush at the moment


Paul T20/12/2013 20:34:53
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brutus 3d.jpg

Bob Abell20/12/2013 20:49:45
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We'll done Paul

Looks sinister enough?

With the name Brutus, we ought to have a Brutus symbol somewhere?

Like a Dagger or a Centurians helmet etc or a short sword on the bonnet


Paul T21/12/2013 08:49:20
7161 forum posts
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2 articles


As usual you ask a relevant question at just the right moment which allows me to explain a critical point to the readers, in this case I will start by saying do you remember our discussion regarding the term 'Less is more' where we considered the concept surrounding the need for simplicity of design.

In essence one of the fundamentals of design is to convey a message without having to stick a label on the item, take a Tiger tank for example its very shape gives the immediate impression of menace and as such it doesn't need the word Tank writing on the hull.

This model boat has a simple shape that is intentionally brutal in its concept and appearance (hence the name) and it doesn't need any embellishments to reinforce its visual message. In many ways the present appearance is overkill as far as brooding intent is concerned and I doubt that the menacing attitude could be diluted even if the model were painted pink and covered in flowers.


Bob Abell21/12/2013 10:01:05
8921 forum posts
2810 photos

You can say what you like, Curly

But if I fancy a teapot on top.......It`ll get one!........Ha! Ha!.......You know what I mean `arry?

Bob...........On the shop floor again

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