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speed controllers ect.

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charles golding16/08/2012 00:43:55
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Hi guys, my name is charles and i am an expat englishman living in Australia who has just retired and have decided to return to my hobby of r/c scale model boats. So after unpacking all my boats and equipment that has been stored for quite a few years i have come across a couple of items that i would like some info on, 1st. is an r/c switch unit that i picked up many years ago on a visit to the UK. made by C.E. Systems UK. model number RCS-1 24v 3a max, it is a small black plastic box about 7cm. by 5cm. by 2cm. deep with what looks like a 3 wire lead [black/white/red, no reciever plug fitted] from one end and 6 screw connectors at the other. Would anybody know if the C.E. company still exists or have some instructions for said unit. Also i have another unit which i think i a speed controller, goes by the makers name of Century Systems and is about 51/2cm. by 41/4cm. and is wrapped in clear plastic film with a large alum. heatsink on top, a Futaba type lead from one end and 4 rather thick leads [red,/black/brown/green] from other. Would anybody know anything about this unit or the maker.

Many thanks for your time and happy sailing, regards Charles

Dave Milbourn16/08/2012 10:09:02
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If this company followed the usual conventions then the three leads on the switch are for the receiver (fit a Futaba plug; wires to suit the pin-out of your receiver). The six terminals will likely be the Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed poles of two on-board relays. See here for our current equivalent **LINK** You can easily test which contact is which with a DMM or a continuity tester (that's a battery and a bulb to you, Homer).

The ESC will have two battery connections (Red +ve and Black -ve) and two motor connections (Brown and Green). These will be the thick wires. The lead at the other end goes to the receiver. In the absence of any further info I'd restrict the motor current drawn to 10A and the motor voltage to 12v.

I do remember seeing CE Systems' stuff around but they've been out of business for donkey's years.

Hope this helps.

Dave M

Barry Gibson17/08/2012 12:06:08
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This may help. Mine wasn't very good it didn't last very long it keep packing up. sc.jpg

sc 002.jpgsc 001.jpg

charles golding18/08/2012 07:44:25
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Hi guys, many thanks to both Dave Milbourn and Barry Gibson, your info was a great help and judging by that info it looks like alot of my equipment is a bit dated to say the least but as most of it still works perfectly well i.e. electric motors, r.c. gear and the boats themselves i will carry on recomissioning my small fleet so as to get them back running and make good use of the many lakes around my area now that i have retired and have abit of spare time these days, just don"t tell the wife will you, ha ha.

Dave i noticed you have a picture of what i believe is a Fairy Huntsman running on, i think, electric, would this be correct? and if so may i ask what motor you use in it as i also have a Huntsman, albeit still in kit form that my kids bought for me more years ago than i like to recall, i also have the smaller version that was put out by the same manufacturer although i can"t for the life of me remember it"s name, although this one is up and running also using an electric motor.

Once again many thanks for your help Gentlemen.

Rergards Charles

Dave Milbourn19/08/2012 09:20:41
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The original manufacturer was Model Avionics (Modav) who later became Precedent Kits. Construction was changed from bandsawn marine ply to die-cut liteply (a poor substitute IHMO). I would suggest a Speed 900 running on 15 x NiMH cells for the 34" version. There is a thread somewhere on here by one of our customers, Alan Barwick, about his experiences with this model and the various different set-ups he used for the running gear. I think he posts as Barzo.
The larger 46" Huntsman would suit one (or even two) of the same motors. For a single motor installation then 20 cells would be better, with an X55 prop. Water cooling the motor at this power level would be strongly advisable! The prototype used a HP 61 F R/C marine glowplug motor.
The little Fairey model in my album is a 24" Swordsman which runs on a standard 540 motor and 7.2v. A plan for this model is available from My Hobby Stores.
BTW I wouldn't use that Marfet ESC on any of these models!!
Dave M

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