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OK I'm beat

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wayne quigley08/08/2012 19:42:28
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after months of trying I am finaly giving up building a ship is there any good ready built model batle ship type I would like a good quolity type not a 15 minute wonder

Colin Bishop08/08/2012 20:27:23
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Well, if your pocket is deep enough there is always Graupner's HMS Hood **LINK**

But why are you giving up? Did you bite off more than you could chew? Maybe there are alternatives.


ashley needham08/08/2012 20:31:43
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Wayne. What were you building?? and what are the problems you have encountered.

I build simple, myself as I would give up if i took a year or something to build a model !!


wayne quigley08/08/2012 21:52:04
63 forum posts
24 photos

I had started with the idea of a air craft carrier .with the hull as a stardard type and ballasting ect to canteract the over hang.I then change my plan to a central brige type ship with supper structor central but the more i play with it the worst it get.

this is my second ship I built with the first running 3 years with out problems.I thing I have just been boged down by this on.

I could shelf it for a bit butit has cost so much up till now.

it is not a kit but scratch built

ashley needham09/08/2012 06:32:55
5924 forum posts
195 photos

Wayne. Do I understand that the hull is seperate from the superstructure, and the top fits on top, or that you have the hull and deck in one peice?

Are you attempting to build something based on a real ship or is it a freelance special? Have you a plan or drawing you are working to, or, like me sometimes, you are making it up as you go along

Until you have a boat almost completed , there is never any reason not to get the big knife out and re-do the superstructure or deck or whatever, if things are not going well... do you have a picture of the work so far for us to examine?

Just for comparison.. look at my "todays boating" thread and the carpet carrier. You will see there what can be achieved with, to be honest, very little work and not a lot of money. This was a "head" build, from memory, and after tidying it up I am making a hull for it, out of common hardboard..nothing special, so I can plonk the top on and float it in the water and have TWO aircraft carriers on the pond at the same time (something of a first ). I can virtually guarantee that, while not great, at a distance the boat will look O.K, and I can also guarantee that, once out there, no one will actually notice it is not my "proper" carrier, until I bring it close in.


Andy Hustler09/08/2012 14:19:52
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Wayne Don't give up mate if you get fed up like i have many times just put it to one side have a rest for a week or month and then come back to it with fresh eyes . Why not see if there is a local model boat club and get them to help you out after all two pairs of eyes are better than one . Plus there are always 100's on here who will willingly give you lots of help and advice . Ashley for one has been of great help and has always got 5 minutes to give a few words of advice , then theres paul who again has a mind full of information and at the end of the day it's YOUR boat and no one can do better than you . I know my large leander class frigate is not picture postcard perfect but it's my 1st attempt and i'm very pleased with the way it's turned out , until it sinks or capsizes !!!!!!!

Stick with it wayne

best wishes

Andy from Cardiff

LARRY WHETTON09/08/2012 16:11:28
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Hi Wayne,

dont give up , post a picture to where you are now ,

that way we all can see where you are going, ......

if you are into grey boats have alook at some of Glyne Guest plans not rivet counter stuff but simple

builds that look good on the water and sail well ..........Larry''......

wayne quigley10/08/2012 12:08:34
63 forum posts
24 photos


wayne quigley10/08/2012 12:10:20
63 forum posts
24 photos

the first ship I done was a Glyne Guest hms hubart I think it was.

LARRY WHETTON10/08/2012 14:06:07
819 forum posts
600 photos


The picures are a bit confusing but what you have got to dont look to bad ,

are you building a glyne guest boat or some other ,?.

what are you stuck on ?.

have fitted motors and drive shafts is there access to the hull ,?.

loads of more info required , are youin touch with any other modelers who can help?..

but dont give up yet looks ok so far .....Larry....

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