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ashley needham06/03/2011 13:58:58
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Fellow boaters one and all.
Today`s (sunday morning) boating was good, if a bit nippy and Berengar and I were on our own for an hour or so.
I took HMS Nelson, but only after I had glued back on the rear main director I knocked off while fitting the batteries (2x 4.5Ahr gel cells, for weight as much as anything). Then I knocked off the FRONT director whilst putting the top back on in the park and having everything else but glue, sailed without it. The red patch in the space where it should have been was a recognition patch, painted on for only a few months in 19xx or 19xx, if anyone were to have asked.....
Apart from that it went very well the batteries last about an hour before slowing noticeably, the deck was nicely covered with water, from a "high sea" as much as wash from a yoof with a speedboat. After a while the turrets lock into place as the water swells the dowel pivots, despite being sealed/varnished?? As I type its drying out on the hedgehog house in the garden. Water doesn`t get in via the top but the propshafts admit a small amount of water so it needs drying.
Berengar had the MFA Seahawk, which is big enough to ignore any sort of weather on a mere pond. This goes o.k as well, despite the 12v 7Ahr gel cell. The out-drive prop confers remarkable reverse power and steering control, unless you happen to be a small boy, of course.
I must take it down to the sea this year and see what it will do with really big waves.
Spare just-in-case boats in the boot were this years secret project and HMS Jersey, OPV. Another boat that shrugs off weather with ease.
I just though I would share that with you all....did anyone else go out today or yesterday??
Kimosubby Shipyards06/03/2011 16:19:13
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Hi Ashley,
yup, us hardy Manx boaters were out in force, about a dozen of us with a variety of tugs, trawlers and fast police boats.
Bit cold though, car thermo stated 5'C and brisk little lazy E wind too.
We sail every Sunday morning weather being not too wet. Next week is the second floating for my "Bounty" conversion. I was given one of those buy a bit a month kits, when the chap had had enough and stopped the bankers draft he suddenly realised that he not only had a Bounty, but a full Cutty Sark too! and all for the low sum of £850!
I've double planked, and sealed her. Small motor and mTroniks gear, sailed well first time out on ballast trials (1.2Kg of AA batteries). Now have full ballast load to try again but in lead ingots. Its much more fun doing the trials in front of others - shares the laughs around when it turns bottom up and drifts down into the weed and mud.
So, did you go out today?
Mike Race06/03/2011 17:39:03
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Last round of Yate and Sodbury Winter Series Scale Steering, Lovely day very light breeze and had a good time with a good turn out. Also used it to give a first run of my Winter Builds. Elco MTB 268 ran lovely and got up onto the plane - just. Always knew it would need a 9,6 volt really but as I dont have a 9.6 battery pack just 6v and 7.2 packs I ran her on 7.2 until I get a 9.6 pack but she still did well. No doubt the 9.6 will give her a real turn of speed so happy all round with her. Not so good with the Model SLipway mini Drifter. When I built their RTTL the tube supplied slipped and I had to change to a small proper coupling. Had the same problem today and I should have known and not used the tube but I did. Hence a slipping prop shaft on coupling. Will have to make some adjustment by using brass wire tighened agaisnt he tube to give grip and stop slippage but that can wait til April.
As for the round well marker buoys have a mind of their own dont they?
ashley needham06/03/2011 21:02:26
7641 forum posts
159 photos
Kimo...sure did... as per post !!! Always good to have other bods about for initial trials, always good to have another opinion about whats going wrong !! I do like to trial my oddities alone though as they never behave as expected and a bit of fiddling is always required and this gets a bit boring for the watchers and possible embarrassing for me. The Sunderland took three goes before running properly and its always nice to debut with an up and working model, ?
Mike. I have never held with rubber/plastic tube couplings myself...had one once and had to change it after a very short time. Glynn Guest makes his own and seems happy with i suppose its one of those things that we might agree to disagree on, a bit like greasing propeller tubes !!!!
Thanks for the replies. Ashley
Kimosubby Shipyards07/03/2011 09:54:09
563 forum posts
272 photos
Now thats a very strong point of view Larry!!!!!
or is your post blank because the finger slipped? 

Edited By Kimosubby Shipyards on 07/03/2011 09:55:04

LARRY WHETTON07/03/2011 12:30:40
819 forum posts
600 photos
SORRY, what i meant to say I took BOBBY out for the first time,
went well for 60 sec till it came to a stop on the return leg .
PROBLEM ..shed prop not tightened ,
motto check and check again, before you sail , and carry spares.
so that was my day over, made her indoors happy, grips with garden.
cheers LARRY....
Kimosubby Shipyards07/03/2011 17:03:39
563 forum posts
272 photos
Hi Larry, Ashley and others,
beware coming back late from your Sunday sail with the lads, or this could be the result!

Strong girl that one! Good job I married her too!
ashley needham07/03/2011 19:05:49
7641 forum posts
159 photos
Kimo.. not sure how to reply to that one !!
Larry. Very frustrating, that. At least it went well for 60 secs, It would have been worse if it had NOT gone well for 60 secs and then shed a prop !!!
There was a bit of a thread a while ago about what was carried to the pond in the way of tools etc, and I posted a picture of my toolbox. There is rather a lot in it, tools, spares..couplings,connectors, props,air usually stays in the car and I would rather take it than not as you never know...the object you leave at home is bound to be the one you want at the pond side.
Mostly it gets used to fix other chaps boats or try other props out on new builds/projects.
I think that despite having prepared a boat to the n`th degree, you cannot forsee the unforseen.
Ashley. Master of the blinkin` obvious (censored, not the b word I would normally use here)
LARRY WHETTON07/03/2011 20:25:16
819 forum posts
600 photos
HI KIMO, are you still IN the shed if-so give the girl a chance ......LARRY
ashley needham13/03/2011 10:39:06
7641 forum posts
159 photos
bah humbug. Rain stopped play. Berengar has a cold so on me own.
Just had time for more experimenting with this years first secret project (the second one being continuing work on the SRN4, possibly, but I do have a load of small die cast sea-Harriers and Merlin helicopters just itching to set to sea on an AIRCRAFT CARRIER), and then down it came. A small dog was there barking away for ages following it about so I couldn`t even bring it in, despite the rain getting heavier.
In the car were HMS Midge, for a bit of speed, and the TITANIC for a bit of calm, both in need of a dust,, in retrospect I should have sailed them anyway to give them a bit of a wash down.

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