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Problems with Electronics

Is it all getting too complicated?

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Len Ochiltree12/10/2009 17:40:22
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Thats an interesting Avatar Dave, or is it me that only sees a little red x.
If I go over to 2.4 ( a cheap one ) how can I run different boats on one Tranny, will I have to move the Rx to each boat or will I be able to use a Different Rx in each boat and will they all have to be tuned in to the Tx.
Also with 27 or 40 it was possible to run two boats at the same time from one Tx, but this cant be done with 2.4 can it ?.
Len nearly an old duffer.
Wideawake12/10/2009 17:54:03
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Hi Len
What I am going to say is based on the DX5e as I have several Spektrum RXs to experiment with.   Yes you can have one TX and several RXs in different boats.   If they are the same type of RX then they can all be bound at once.  Obviously if two are turned on at the same time  they will both respond to the TX.     What i have just said also answers your other question.   If you can bind two RXs then logically if one has servos on two channels and the other has servos on two different channels you can be controlling two separate two channel boats. There are pitfalls if the RXs are different types but explaining that means getting a little technical.
Dave Milbourn12/10/2009 17:54:30
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I don't have an avatar, so I don't know where the red cross is coming from on your screen; I can't see it on mine. 
There's a very informative thread going on elsewhere about the DX5e and its uses with more than one model. Quite why you would want to run two boats at the same time from one Tx is a bit beyond me, though. I guess it would be possible but I don't think my hand/eye co-ordination would be up to doing it.
The Spektrum AR500 receiver is almost as cheap as chips, while the Captain Codfish one (or whatever they're called) is a tenner. You would need to "bind" each receiver to the transmitter and then fit a receiver into each boat, but that's no more trouble than fitting the same frequency crystals to each of the 27 or 40 meg receivers running from the same tranny.
Keep the faith - we aspirant old duffers used to rule the world, you know.
(Guy beat me to it by a matter of moments!)

Edited By Dave Milbourn on 12/10/2009 17:55:18

ashley needham12/10/2009 18:53:45
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Dave m.   Luddite clap trap....great phrase! worth airing now and then. Perhaps MORE          often ....
David M.  4 times published (not that I am counting) actually, and the first one didnt even have ANY radio control in it!
My point, you can see from the very posts in this thread the general confusion about these gadgets, and the problems with different equipment !
 Ashley (Large villa in Brighton from proceeds of articles) 
Paul T13/10/2009 07:04:43
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Perhaps we could link this subject to Colins thread on sailing events and go one step further with electronics by using GPS to pre-programme models to self steer around a course.
After the programming all the modeller would need to do is put the boat on the water and switch it on, the boat would sail a perfect course and win the event whilst you are sitting in the bar.
Teckite rather than Luddite as the model builders hunch over their laptops making micro changes to hyperspace.......but then why bother with the model at all when it could all be done in a virtual world with no need to leave the comfort of your armchair.
Ashley: Published 4 times and only have a villa...I have only been published once and managed to by an island on the proceeds............a small place just off the coast of Wales.
Barry Foote13/10/2009 08:18:16
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Dave's avatar is deliberately done like that......You would not want to see the real thing!!!!

As for the rest of your post, well that man from ACTion will have all the answers you need..
Dave Milbourn13/10/2009 12:03:57
4025 forum posts
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Dave's avatar is deliberately done like that......You would not want to see the real thing!!!!

OK Footski - this means war! Avatar sent for approval..........
Colin Bishop13/10/2009 12:15:03
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Not sure about approval - I did it for Liz - she deserves a look in.
Barry Foote13/10/2009 13:40:38
161 forum posts
93 photos
Avatar duly approved Mr Milbourn Sir.......Amazing what can be done with photo software these days!!
Dave Milbourn13/10/2009 13:49:43
4025 forum posts
282 photos
Amazing what can be done with photo software these days!!
 Yes - damned clever the way the artist has managed to Photoshop out the long serial number you were holding under your chin in the original photo..............
(I've been insulted by professionals, you know)

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