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I don`t like.....?

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Bob Abell27/08/2009 07:55:27
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Making model boats is great fun!..........Or is it?
At certain parts of the build, boredom creeps in, and progress slows down  to a crawl or even a halt!
Tell us, what part of the build, has this effect of you!.............and then what about the juicy bits?
For me, I hate marking out the formers and cutting them out!........My GE model had 54 formers to cut out before I could get something glued!!
You could say, building a boat is like a "Sweet and Sour"........lots of Sweet moments and then lots of Sour areas.
Sour areas for me, and there`s plenty of `em!.... is Fibre glassing the inside of a hull full of cross beams!....even painting the waterline is a stressful time....if you want it .."dead on"!
Colin Bishop27/08/2009 12:39:49
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Quite right Bob, you always seem to get stuck on something you hadn't anticipated. I always find it's best to finish a session when things have gone right rather than start something else and lie awake trying to work out how to do it.
I suppose that when it comes to kits it's the period between opening the box and floating the completed model...
neil howard-pritchard27/08/2009 15:59:11
2260 forum posts
2759 photos
At the moment Bob....every damn bit of the build.
Normally I enjoy all aspects, but with the boat I am building at present( not the little calmac ferry) I have lost all interest and it's a drudge to go into the workshop.
In fact I am so fed up with it, i have just had some plans scaled down and am going to make a couple of minatures at 1:96 scale of a couple of old lifeboats.......They come out at abut 150mm long from stem to stern,   on a tray at night to see if they will kick start my enthusiasm..
can but hope.
Tony Hadley27/08/2009 18:57:53
914 forum posts
559 photos
Must say that building traditional balsa type models, eg Vic Smeed type craft, I never get fed up of.
Modern glass fibre etc, I never really find much interest in, and soon put them in the shed unfinished.
Hence today I have just ordered (from Myhobby store) this coming winters build project, plan MM524 Silver Mist by Vic. Lots of balsa to cut etc.
Cheer up Bob and Neil, your models are superb.
Bob Abell27/08/2009 19:31:56
9337 forum posts
2985 photos
Hello Tony
I recently mentioned in another thread, about how horrble, soft balsa is, to work with!....I don`t like balsa at all!........So you have my deepest sympathy for this winters build, Tony!
Neil`s not enjoying his model building fun at the the sound of it!
I`m still wrestling with my giant speedboat.........Makiing sure all the big sweeping curves are spot on is really a difficult task and so much depends on these graceful shapes!...I shall be pleased when this part of the build is completed
At the moment, it`s pure donkeywork..........I suppose it`s some sort of fun?......the real fun comes only when it`s right!
I have a brother who calls round every week and he cringes when he see`s my model making activities...............So in his eyes, model making is not fun!....So why do WE do it?
Simply .........Horses for courses, old chap?......................Bob
neil howard-pritchard27/08/2009 20:36:25
2260 forum posts
2759 photos
mascicism, bob......pure self
Colin Bishop27/08/2009 20:48:39
5194 forum posts
6120 photos
421 articles
I've always been happy to use balsa although I agree that the very soft stuff isn't much use. I use it as a substructure and face it with other materials such a gummed paper strip or thin ply. It's styrene sheet i don't much care for although it does have its uses.
Bob Abell27/08/2009 20:54:15
9337 forum posts
2985 photos
Hello Neil
It`s a funny hobby when your think about it........................6 months of hard graft.......several hundred pounds worth of month after completion, we`re looking around for our next .........FIX!....................What must our wife's really think of us?
Well and truly addicted................Bob the Junkie
Paul Godfrey27/08/2009 21:05:36
163 forum posts
292 photos
On a more positive note, I'm really enjoying building 'Sir Lancelot'.
Maybe it's because it's only my second boat, or that it is the first with wooden decks, superstructure etc (Dutch Courage is virtually all plastic).
Perhaps it's because I'm fitting a lot more in the way of electronics, and am spending alot of time planning the installation of these, the smoker, the speaker, the batteries etc etc, and having to work out how to access them all easily.
It could also be that I'm taking photos as I go, and sharing them on this forum site.
My first boat is a tug, this is a WW2 minesweeper, I think the next will be Graupner's 'Parat' with Voith Schneider drives, so maybe variety will help prevent the dreaded boredom!!
I only do about 30 to 45 minutes per weekday, so I'm always looking forward to continuing the next day!
The amount of work left to do is daunting, so I just treat every section of the boat as a separate model, and concentrate on this rather than look too far ahead.
The Long Build27/08/2009 22:09:34
753 forum posts
281 photos
The Start..

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