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Sensitised to Superglue

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Mick Morritt24/07/2009 13:59:38
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Just after I made my first post about yachts back in January 2009 I had to stop building the tug I was working on as a first model. I was getting headaches, runny eyes and a rough throat. The latter two went away within a day or two but the headaches remained. I have been using superglue for attaching planks to the frames, using our small spare bedroom as a workshop with the window open. Occasionally I would use the kitchen worktop under the cooker extraction hood. But with the same result, the eyes and throat cleared but left the headache. My GP said to keep off the glue for a while. The headaches faded but did not completely disappear. After a break of several months I restarted the project last night and everything came back with a vengence. So not to be beaten the question is --- has anybody suffered similarly ? -- and -- does anyone have  any suggestions for an alternative method since I have about 1/4 of the planking done ? Any help would be most welcome.
Mick Morritt
Colin Bishop24/07/2009 16:44:39
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Yes, a lot of people are "allergic" to superglue, I'm one of them. Just one sniff gives me severe hayfever symptoms for 3 days. I don't think there is any way of desensitizing yourself so the solution is to use alternative adhesives. I find I can use the "odourless" type of superglue without too much trouble but it does need a "kicker" to make it go off really quickly. As you are glueing wood to wood, why not use a proper waterproof wood glue such as Aliphatic or Super Phatic which sets pretty quickly although not with the instant grab of a fast superglue. You may need to temporarily pin or tape the planks in place.
Have a look at the Deluxe Materials Website which has a huge amount of useful information on the use of adhesives.
I'm OK with epoxy resins but some people are sensitized to those so it's rather a matter of luck as to what you can and cannot use. 
Mick Morritt24/07/2009 17:38:56
13 forum posts
Hi Colin,
Many thanks for the information. I will have a good look at the site a little later this evening.  I have invested too much time and energy in getting started with the boats to give up before I finish something.
neil howard-pritchard24/07/2009 18:54:08
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I am extremely allergic to most super glues as well, and although I haven't yet had a look at colin's site( which i will be doing), I use ZAP odourless helps a lot, but I still have symptoms but not as much.
Mick Morritt24/07/2009 20:13:50
13 forum posts
Hi Neil
Thanks for that. I have just had a look at the site which Colin suggested . It is well worth a look.
Bob Abell25/07/2009 08:30:44
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I only use superglue now as a last resort.....................I`ve had too many very bad reactions in the past!
Good old PVA is the stuff for me!
Mick Morritt26/07/2009 20:21:30
13 forum posts
Thanks to all you guys for your advice. I managed to get some Aliphatic Resin locally to try. I already have waterproof PVA so I now just have to develop a technique for planking. My " local " model shop had some Zap odourless superglue, but at £9.00 for 30ml I'll give it a miss.
Cheers Mick
Colin Bishop26/07/2009 20:33:44
4593 forum posts
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Yes, the odourless does tend to be more expensive but that does seem to be a bit over the top. The 20g Roket odourless from Deluxe materials is £6.25 which is a bit better as it does seem to last longer than conventional superglues without going off in the bottle. I only use it to stick on fittings etc. I would always use aliphatic for hull construction involving wood to wood joints.
mick27/07/2009 20:58:06
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hiya mick
  look on ebay under wgrhglshp a power seller if you cant try starloc five star 
adhesives fmk  they are based in runcorn  give them a ring they make there own
superglue they are realy helpful  plus the super has a 7 yr  shelf life 
hope this helps mick

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