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Should models boats include the crew?

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Bob Abell06/06/2009 08:12:40
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What does the team think?
Personally.................I say yes!
Imagine an RC model motor cycle without a rider?..............I rest my case!
Bob Abell06/06/2009 08:15:06
8949 forum posts
2824 photos

The crew adds interest?
ashley needham06/06/2009 08:36:29
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My stance is (possibly) well known on the subject. Crew add a third dimension to any vessel, lifting it from being a bookshelf lump of carved wood to being a living breathing boat. O.K, I overstate the case, but i do like to see some figures on a boat/ship. It certainly adds interest and to my mind gives a sense of scale to a vessel as well. On certain types of vessel, crew should by mandatory, such as speedboats, barrelbacks and the like. A speedboat or cabin cruiser without crew looks silly going along on the water with no  driver. I dare say a lot of you have seen that book on modeling the Titanic, by that German modelmaker chap, you know, the 18 foot Titanic (everyone should have  copy of the book, the ship is staggering). He has included ONE figure on the boat "for scale", an unpainted white figure. Wasted, all that effort, a few dozen painted figures on that ship would have livened it it up and given you a full sense of the size of the ship....the funnels towering overhead, the size of the plating, the lack of lifeboats.     Ashley
Paul T06/06/2009 10:00:05
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Bob / Ashley
I agree that warships, liners and even lifeboats are improved by the addition of a few or even a single figure but putting Action Man or Barbie into a speedboat just looks daft and reduces a fine model to a mere toy.
neil howard-pritchard06/06/2009 10:17:20
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For years I resisted, until I got the urge to equipe a model lifeboat  I had built ,with crew, but none being around or available for that era of boats I made somemoulds for them. My boats wouldn't be without  a crew  nowadays.

Edited By neil howard-pritchard on 06/06/2009 10:18:35

The Long Build06/06/2009 10:29:28
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To a point I agree with you Paul, However I have seen a speed boat regulary attending shows with a couple of Barbies or some such figures in being towed to the water by a Rc car,  when this is going around the lake it actualy looks a lot more realistic than if it went around empty, also a model jet ski looks daft without a figure, yes these may be more of a toy but they don't half get people watching, and at the end of the day if you build a model boat and sail it , it by defintion becomes a toy, albeit possibly an expensive and sometimes delicate toy but none-the-less, a toy.
As for only including 1 figure on an 18 foot Titanic , that is a model which would benefit from 100's of figures
Ps the idea of the Titanic has given me another thought , I have always been intending to build the Titanic (Long before Camerons Film)  , I have thousands of the old airfix soldiers  , might change the idea to one of the sister ships and add all the soldiers as a troop carrier
mick06/06/2009 15:20:21
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 in my opinion  like the other members i hate to see a finished model ?
without figures large or small  there are loads out there to be modifyed 
to suite most boats  its great to see a finished warship or tug with crew
on deck i never have a boat without  figures 
Paul T06/06/2009 17:17:05
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Dear all
The only figure that I would put in the barrel back would be Hawley Griffin (1897) ....he had the right idea.

Edited By The Fat Controller on 06/06/2009 17:21:10

Bob Abell06/06/2009 18:02:35
8949 forum posts
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I saw a model Liberty Ship last year at one of the shows and it was the reverse of Larry`s was represented into today`s guise as a tourist ship and it had something like 500 trippers on it!
David Wooley07/06/2009 11:36:22
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This is an interesting question and one that is probably as old  as  the  building of  boats models. In fact if my memory serves me correct, there have been reed boats models complete with crew found in ancient Egyptian burial tombs .  .Adding a crew or the odd figure to provide "life"   or   a sense of the real is difficult as it can render a model toy like on the one hand or a lifeless hulk on the other.  In reality you seldom  see a    real ship devoid of life,   but you seldom see static models with any crew.  The answer could be if a model calls out for the addition of crew then so be it.   Ted Parr's astonishing 1:144  Nimitz aircraft carrier  is full of life just as you would expect to see aboard the full size vessel. The scale is such that you really need not be concerned about the accuracy of the garb or facial features. On the other hand at 1:24th scale crew member would perhaps need  to  have some resemblance of being human.  A difficult subject and one I have seen carried out with great skill that brings much more to the model than just the model.

Dave Wooley

Edited By David Wooley on 07/06/2009 11:40:07

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