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North Wales Model Boat Rally

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HS 9326/07/2009 07:45:32
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It's sad that this chap has gone to a lot of trouble on a NON profit making event that acording to the people that attended was a very good event and the people who attended last year could not wait to get back this year, and even though it is compleatley different from the normal events as it has all types of boat people all together at one event at a very nice venue.
so can we stop the stupid remarks and digs at the event,  Oh and by the way I am not a mate of his in fact we have had a few runins over the years But when someone is trying to promote the hobby the way he does he should be aplauded.
dont let This site get a worse reputation than it has.
Paul T26/07/2009 08:22:15
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Lighten up Peter, a few harmless and jokes about algae are not an attack on the event. My recent run in with this chap does not diminish my admiration at his skill at organising such a great event and the fact that it is all free only shows what a dedicated model builder he is.

It would be a great shame if the event had to be cancelled because of algae.

The Long Build26/07/2009 15:08:50
750 forum posts
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Dave Jones 3,  the Guy must be completely of his head to want to organise such an event.. Of which I was happy he was as last years event was VERY ,VERY good , and such a wonderful Location..
It is a shame that there has been problems with the algae and to be honest I think the few rules put in place regards gloves etc are well thought out.  I'm surprised that H&S have not insisted on complete silver suits for all   so a nice pair of flock marigolds is a small price to pay.  And by the time of the event the few restrictions may have been totaly lifted.
If any one is going , it will be a great weekend so have FUN.
Dave Milbourn26/07/2009 17:17:11
4025 forum posts
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I made my posting because I detected an imminent attack of gravity from the resident Forum medical consultant. Please forgive me if I gave a wrong impression, but don't mistake my light-hearted flippancy for nastiness of any kind. Fortunately I count DJ3 as a friend as well as a good customer, and I know he woudn't make that mistake. There are others who have done far more to scupper this gig with ill-considered remarks - no names, no pack-drill, and not on this particular Forum.
We'd already booked four nights B&B in Llanberis; that's the thick end of two hundred quid, even before you start to count the fuel costs etc. I hope that's sufficient demonstration of our committment to the event. I also hope the weather stays fine and that the algae stays away - whatever else it's supposed to do it'll make the models mucky!
See you there?
The Long Build26/07/2009 17:49:43
750 forum posts
281 photos
4 nights , well why not.
You walking up Snowdon or have you devised some electronic gadget to  take care of that ..
" See you there ? " sore point...
Don't Forget  "Pete's Eats" Cafe..
Colin Bishop26/07/2009 18:52:25
5192 forum posts
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Dave "Stavros" Jones has asked if he can clarify the position on the Llanberis event in his own words which I am happy to do. As the organiser responsible to the authorities he has a responsibility towards participants and what he is saying about protective gloves makes good sense - you don't even have to bring your own!
A lot of people are looking forward to this event and, on the basis of last year, it should indeed be very enjoyable so let's hope that the algae threat continues to stay at amber or less so that everyone can have a good time. Of course, it might rain......
From Dave Jones
Right then may I thank everyone that has been so supportive of the event.The emails and phone calls I have received have been overwhelming to say the least THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart.
Now this Blue algae etc.
Yes at the moment it is still there but the authorities have downgraded their warnings to amber instead of red.
What does this mean?
Well simply it means that canoeing, sailing can take place but NO BATHING (too cold for my liking)
Why rubber gloves?
Simple! To protect yourself in case of cuts....This is to protect everyone from legal litigation etc. etc. So in simple terms, I will supply the gloves, you wear happy bunny and it will be seen that I have taken reasonable precautions to protect YOU. This I am afraid is not negotiable but ONLY and I emphasise ONLY if it is still an amber situation. Please don't let this rule descend to a why and what argument just take it as read....

Colin, if it descends to a disruptive argument then just delete the whole thread.
Please note that there is NO need to ask the why and therefore on this rule it is the only rule of the weekend.................. well almost; the other is to have FUN FUN and even more FUN 
I will in the next few days release more details of whats happening etc. etc. etc.
Bob Abell26/07/2009 19:03:57
9337 forum posts
2985 photos
We met Dave Jones 3 and his mate Phil Abbott at the very nice Colwyn Bay show today.
They were two most likeable friendly chaps, sailing their straight runners.
They both helped in rescuing Great Eastern from the middle of the lake after battery failure.................Many thanks you two!................Will see you at Llanberis next month
They also send their kind regards to you Paul! hard feelings!
Paul T26/07/2009 19:26:22
7340 forum posts
1229 photos
2 articles
No hard feelings from me either, in fact I wish the guys all the best of luck with the event.
Dave....Dr John isnt a medic his Phd is in AstroPhysics (but your right he can get very heavy)
Dave Milbourn26/07/2009 20:04:48
4025 forum posts
282 photos

I bet he'd have a job being heavier than either of us, matey. I won't see 110Kg again in a hurry.
Long Build
Me? Walk??? Are you CRAZY???!!! Liz tells me there's a very nice little train that goes all the way up to the top, where there's a cafe....with chairs........comfy ones.... Is that Pete's Eats? BTW If you do manage to get a weekend pass then come and have a word - as long as it's a nice word.



Edited By Dave Milbourn on 26/07/2009 20:05:17

The Long Build26/07/2009 22:45:25
750 forum posts
281 photos
No , the Cafe is in the Village but I believe there is a new structure at the top of the Mountain as well.

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