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batterys for rx

can i plug it straight in rx or not

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mick28/02/2009 21:58:13
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i just wondered can you just plug a 6v rx pack straight in too a 
receiver or do you have too put in something in line ie a resistor 
of sorts as i am not r/c minded i would be obliged of the help
60watt28/02/2009 23:32:35
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Hi Mick.
Batteries and the cables already have their own resistance and it happens to be surprisingly high.
Too high to drive servos in the case of alkaline chemistry.
Futaba mentions the large voltage drop ,when dry batteries are used, just above # WHEN POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE DROPS on page 2 of their failsafe. (written before hydride batteries replaced NiCD)

ashley needham01/03/2009 07:32:54
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Mick, I think the answer you are looking for is yes, The receiver comes with a battery pack, as supplied in the box, and simply plugs into it, no other bits required.   60watt would agree with this (hopefully)?  Ashley
60watt01/03/2009 17:37:28
253 forum posts
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Ashley,I was reminded of your suggestion on a  "frequently asked questions" theme.If you compiled six numbered answers like my one above to the F.A.Q.s you could then roll dice each time an RC related question came up..
     As Colin might confirm,I've been getting bored of late and I am actually curious to see the outcome.
     If you give me a while to surf I can come up with six plausible answers if constrained to the subject of boat electrics.A similar excercise without dice could even be done with totally bogus answers if the questions could be previewed.
ashley needham01/03/2009 17:53:20
7121 forum posts
206 photos
60W. If we had a common Q&A section...we might not have anything to discuss in future! Ashley
mick03/03/2009 20:51:12
127 forum posts
74 photos
hiya ashley 
i got another 6v pack the other was 4.8v which was supplied with the set  thats
why i was asking  not being r/c minded i didnt know if this would blow the rx 
thats why i asked thanks for your input lads mick 
60watt03/03/2009 21:29:54
253 forum posts
14 photos
Mick,you could say which model of receiver you have.
One of the latest 3-ch synth receivers needs 6v bec or 5 cells
Futaba and Hitec go into detail on their websites.
5-cell (6.0V) receiver battery packs - All Futaba airborne equipment (except that which is specifically labeled otherwise) is
designed to work with 4.8V (Ni-Cd 4 cells) or 6.0V (Ni-Cd 5 cells or alkaline 4 cells). Using a 6.0V pack increases the current
flow to the servos, which accelerates their rate of response and their torque. However, because of this faster current draw, a 5-
cell battery pack of the same mAh rating will last approximately æ the time of a 4-cell pack.

mick04/03/2009 21:01:21
127 forum posts
74 photos
hiya 60 watt
i get the idea now thanks it was a two channel futaba rx so that is what i needed too know 
thanks for your input you answered the question nicely thanks mick
JC Uknz14/03/2009 21:35:51
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I run my Futaba 2 channel gear with 12v battery to the transmitter, held on outside with a slice from a car inner tube with a platform rivetted to TX body for added support.   Wires connected to correct end of dead batteries inside RX to hold them in place .. also made wooden dowels to do same job [depends on model of TX]. with small cuts to battry compartment cover for wires to exit to 12v battery.    A 1.2Ah battery lasts me all day and some before needing to be charged as I share time with other club members on a frequncy..
While I use Futaba battery  [four aa's] holder through their switch I have also connected a 'made-up' battery pack giving six volts for the receiver ... batteries salvaged out of junked cellphone battery packs., rechargables.
Admittedly I'm doing this becuase I got the batteries for free.
Even the little 1.2Ah batteries are a horiible price let alone the 7.2Ah versions I use to power my model[s]
JC Uknz14/03/2009 21:38:20
141 forum posts
11 photos
If you don't have a volt meter I suggest you get one soon .... mine are the cheap ones so it is not a big outlay.   three to four pounds equivalent in my market. NZ$10

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