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Modern Model Boat Steam-Engines

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Gerald Gardiner24/02/2009 17:48:04
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I have just read richard Simpson,s third part in his mini series. Generally I think the articles are well written and Richard is to be congratulated. In the diagrams in the February issue however I think he has the diagrams mixed up. In diagram 2 I think it would be clearer if he showed the relationship between the cylinder port and the steam inlet and exhaust. In diagram 3 he has the inlet and exhaust ports reversed. The steam inlet has to be on the back side of the slide, as shown it would lift the slide and blow through to the exhaust port.
Richard Simpson24/02/2009 19:49:59
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Thanks for the kind comments Gerald.
As regards Diagram 2 it was extreemly difficult in such a small diagram to make the relationship any clearer without cluttering up the diagram with details that would not be legible.  I tried a couple of different ways of trying to show it and ended up with the one that was published and without making it quite a bit larger I was a bit constrained.  I agree it's not perfect but within the size available I think most people who read it will get the idea.  I would have loved to have gone into a lot more detail but steam is quite a specific area of the hobby and it wasn't felt that the subject merited more than the two pages per section.  Photographs of ports and bigger and clearer diagrams would have been nice but maybe not appealling to enough readers.
Diagram three, to be honest I missed the reversal because the practicalities of the arrangement were not the prime concern.  I was simply showing, once again in a very small diagram, just how the process works to help newcomers understand the principal.  I agree the inlet would normally be on the outside but for the principal of the operation in a purely theoretical sense it still works.
Thanks for making the points.
Paul T25/02/2009 07:26:32
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Hello Richard

I would also like to add my congratulations for a well written and very interesting piece on one of my favourite subjects and I agree that potential new comers to steam should be encouraged without being put off by over detailed diagrams.

I look forward to reading more of your articles and thank you for taking the time and trouble to share your expertise with us.



Richard Simpson25/02/2009 08:25:18
1027 forum posts
256 photos
Thanks Paul.  I never realised just how much work goes into putting things like this together but I really enjoyed doing it and I have had quite a lot of positive feedback from my own club who say that some of the mystery has been clarified.
Trying to keep it simple will always lead to holes in the presentation and this combined with my own inexperience will be a challenge until I find my feet and get a feel for just how to present things at the right level.
If this series is successful, you never know, it may well lead to some more.  If that ends up tempting one or two newcomers into steam then it has all been worthwhile.
Trevor Lloydlee15/05/2009 15:20:42
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I too have just found Richard Simpson's part three of his mini series on model steam engines and wish to say that I consider it to be an excellent piece of writing.
Richard, please write more. As you commented: Very few of the model boats on the pond are steam powered and modellers need to be encouraged to have a go.
I also noticed the steam / exhaust reversal in his slide valve diagram.
You replied that you were simply showing, once again in a very small diagram, just how the process works to help newcomers understand the principal.
Yes, the diagram was small, but that doesn't matter because it was a very clear diagram.
You say that it was primarily for newcomers to understand the principals. One important principal is that the outside steam pressure keeps the valve against the sealing face so that it can do its job at all.
The pity is that these forum comments have cleared up the unfortunate slip, but the published article cannot be corrected.
Barry Foote18/05/2009 08:09:30
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Not really into steam until I read these articles. Beautifully written and photographed by someone who obviously knows what he is talking about. Congratulations Richard..
Richard Simpson20/05/2009 03:09:26
1027 forum posts
256 photos
Thanks for all the kind comments gents.  There isn't really enough interest to merit an article every month but I'll be doing the odd one or two in the future to maintain the interest and hopefully encourage more to give it a go.
Southern sailor30/05/2009 08:47:53
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Hi Richard,
I have also found your articles most rewarding.
I have posted some questions on the drawing of the two cylinder slide valve engine in Stan Bray's book on model steam.
Perhaps you couild help with thee or give me a lead to more comprehensive drawings for such an engine.
Brian Adley
Richard Simpson14/06/2009 13:50:34
1027 forum posts
256 photos
I'm not quite sure I understand your post sorry.  Can you please tell me where the questions are and I'll see what I can come up with as answers.
Paul Freshney14/06/2009 20:03:08
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For forum and thread interest, August MB on sale 10th July should have Richard Simpson's article: ' Modern Steam Equipment Suppliers' which is a follow on to his recent series. Also there is Marjorie May by Don Diment, a fabulous working r/c steam launch built of card - yes card!
Paul Freshney
Editor of Model Boats.

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