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Rubber power

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Bob Abell15/02/2009 08:37:16
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The magazine was 2/6d in those far off days and the Editor was D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson
I was thinking that some bright spark might fancy building a high speed straight running speedboat?
It would need a fence or overhead wire or even RC control!...................but it would go like a rocket!..................for about 200 feet about
The cars used to run 90 feet with plenty of 200 feet is a possibility?
Food for thought?
PS.............Just spotted the artists signature......L.B...................the famous Laurie Bagley!
Paul T15/02/2009 13:41:14
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Hi Bob
I remember my grandfather telling me about rubber band power.....he said his grandfather used it before clockwork was invented......
I have been thinking of a rubber powered straight running model.
In fact this would make a great contest at your lake Bob.
Bob Abell15/02/2009 15:50:05
8342 forum posts
2558 photos
Hello Paul
That could be a nice idea!..........................We`ve just come back from Etherow btw
I think I`ll suggest it at the next club meeting.................Whadayer think Duckie?
ashley needham15/02/2009 16:09:54
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I think  its a good idea, especially with an overhead wire (like I remember suggesting on a previous non r/c paddle boat contest). Cheap and potentially very watchable. I think 200 feet is well do-able, my boat did over 150 yards at a reasonable pace, so I dont suppose 200 feet at a lick is unobtainable. The problem may be the propeller. Gearing may not be needed on a dragster, but you need to provide a stiff resistance to instant rubber motor unwind, and that means a very large area blade prop, and if of large diameter, then an outrigger will be required (trust me on this). A rear paddle wheel would look spectacular, and even a bit car-dragsterish.  I tell you what WOULD make an easy rubber dragster, an airboat,,,,or at least a long thin hull and air-prop, even a hydrofoil arrangement..!  using an under-water wire in this case. I have a 1930`s boys book with an article on how to make the fastest thing on the lake... a twin hull and indeed twin rubber motor/air-prop job, all and cheaply (for the boy who can solder) out of tin plate!  (tin cans cut up and flattened was suggested) theres a challenge for you, how many of them were ever built do you think.. Ashley
Bob Abell15/02/2009 16:29:49
8342 forum posts
2558 photos
Hello Ashley
Way back in the early fifties I built a tin plate submarine!
Three tins soldered together with a point at each end of course. It had a simple keel to keep it`s the clever had a hole at the top of the hull with a rubber flap on the inside to form a non return valve. Inside the sub was a block of Calcium Carbide suspended high in the hull and when the CC got wet, it gave off a gas.......Which closed the flap and ejected the water out the back through a jet pipe, causing the sub to move forwards!
When the water level sank below the CC, the gas stopped being created and water was allowed to enter the sub again via a second non return valve.................and the process continued...........?
Unfortuneately, we couldn`t get it to work................too young to realise how the process worked!..................What a great idea though?
ashley needham15/02/2009 19:28:36
5924 forum posts
195 photos
Bob. Its a simple fact that the easiest theoretical ideas are the hardest to execute. I am sure that all those designs for trains boats and planes in boys annuals of years ago were never actually built by their designers and were only printed to frustrate!  I can remember designs for several helicopters in one annual I had...they looked so easy, but in hindsight I can never imagine any of them working, especially having been made by a young whippersnapper.  Ashley
Dr John Booth15/02/2009 20:50:24
90 forum posts
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Hello Bob
I like Pauls idea of a rubber band powered contest at your home water it would be a great deal of fun and far flung members i.e. David in NZ or Pierre in South Africa could post their entries to the club for inclusion in the contest.
1st prize???? the pride of being the best.
What do you think/
Bob Abell15/02/2009 21:00:31
8342 forum posts
2558 photos
Hello John
It`s a very good idea!...............The only problem is the wildlife!.....................The lakes are full of wild fowl and the park is full of people feeding them!
..............and you know what happened recently at the Bury waters.............Wild life being persecuted etc
We will need to discuss the idea at club level..............I`m not a committee member, so it`s not my shout!
I like the idea of a straight high speed run though!.............Hmmmmmmmmm?
Colin Bishop15/02/2009 21:06:43
4299 forum posts
6051 photos
394 articles
The Managing Director has suggested running a competition with something like a free subscription as a prize. This would be an interesting idea but would probably be too local if confined to one pond unless it was somewhere in the middle of the UK.
Still, all ideas gratefully considered!
Dr John Booth15/02/2009 21:09:13
90 forum posts
1 photos
Hello Bob / Colin
If properly organised with marshals and perhaps members of the RSPBA in attendance coupled with the correct risk and method assessments in place (ask Paul about these when he is better as he used to produce them on a daily basis) the club could actually make an event out of the contest by providing refreshments and maybe charging admission.
If the club agreed to handle and operate the far flung members entries then the location of the event is not a problem.
All that is required is a pro-actve club with an active membership.

It could be a great day out. 


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