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rudderless control


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the converter24/01/2009 16:26:12
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hi all
I am in the middle of designing a version of the amphicar and looking for advice on rudderless control .for instance would the wheel be adequite to steer when under normal sailing conditions or would twin props running independent of each other be a better option ?
but at the same time looking at hiding the props within the body of the car so not seen when on dry land.
ashley needham25/01/2009 09:51:21
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Ron. If you want to hide the prop, then put it in a tunnel, and have a small rudder also hidden just at the end of it and that should give you directional control (obviously not quite as good as a normal rudder). Or how about a hidden "kort" nozzle affair?? or even a water pump-jet arrangement whereby only the swivelling outlet would be on view (underneathe the vehicle) IF the wheels were all being driven and the tyres were of a suitable chunky pattern in theory this would be enough to steer by, but i am thinking the control would be marginal. proper army types with wheel or track water steering are only made to cross from A to B, and so fine control is not so much of an issue..on a model you would want much better control i recon??   How large are you thinking of here??
Or even the propulsion system could be tunneled underneath the car and the outlet disguised by a louvre arrangement....or...or    Ashley
ashley needham25/01/2009 09:53:16
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Sorry rer-read your post.....tunnelled props, two of, or a twin jet arrangement would be the thing for sim plicities sake. A
Paul T25/01/2009 10:01:55
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Hi Ron
Have a look at the way a Stalwart 6x6 works with ducted props.
mick25/01/2009 22:52:50
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i got the plan a bit ago for a scratch build  amphicar off ebay  built  with ply and 
mecharno parts  spelt wrong  but you get my drift  the part  from building set 
from the 70s  has a 540 motor and the steering and rudder on one channel
if you want to know more please ask can always get the plans photo copyed at 
what it  cost to copy and sent  hope this helps as for the ducted props tryed dont work to well  but good idea  hope this helps mick
the converter26/01/2009 15:00:38
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hi all
nice ideas there ash like the jet idea but not had any dealings on that side yet but work and be disguised as exhaust pipe.
will check that one out paul thanks
thanks for offer mick will keep that in mind and get back to you.
Robert Hinton08/02/2009 17:26:27
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Hi (again) Keepontrickin,
If the twin props are exposed then just use a mixer either one built into the transmiiter (elevon type arrangement for model aircraft) or buy a simple mixer from your model shop which are magic for this sort of application and very cheap and very small.  It needs two speed contiollers but gives full manouverability with the model able to turn in its own length.
Concealing the props will make it much harder as you won't get any reverse thrust from the prop unless it is a straight-through tunnel.  I know it well from my own model Amphicar!
Front wheel-steering on a model is fun and will get the model to turn - but only when it is moving at speed - you cannot turn when going slowly!  My experience also is that the model wiil eventually respond to the turn but, once the wheels are straightened, it keeps on turning!  Only applying opposire stick gets the model back on course and the whole proces of keeping a straighht line is a constant battle with the steering.  Eventually I fitted prop and rudder steering in parallel but that required a third speed controller for when I used the land drive motor.  All very complex but it works very well on land and water in the end..
Pierre08/02/2009 20:24:49
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There was a full article on an amphicar in Model Boats about  18 months ago (I think).
If you like I could dig out my back issue or possibly  it could be searched for........?
Cheers - Pierre

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