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Are they an aircraft or boat or amphibian

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Paul T25/12/2008 07:02:00
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Here is my Christmas conundrum

This years subject is not as contentious as last years (I still get emails) but has been bothering me for a few weeks.


The obvious answer is that a hovercraft is a hovercraft and therefore in a class of its own but how do you classify one?

Is a hovercraft an aircraft because when in motion it is not in contact with the ground?

Is a hovercraft a boat because it can travel over water?

Is a hovercraft an amphibian because it can travel between water and land?

Or is a hovercraft merely a vehicle because it can travel over most surfaces.

And lastly as modelers we have to get things right so which radio system should we use to operate a hovercraft do we opt for 35Mhz or 40Mhz? 

Answers on a postcard and send it to me at:

Workshop                                                                                                                                                                 Grotto                                                                                                                                                                       North Pole.

I’m off to stuff a turkey and feed the reindeer then get to bed as I was very busy last night so Happy Christmas everyone.



Bob Abell25/12/2008 09:17:00
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That is an interesting point.................35 or 40 meg!..................what about...............37.5 meg?........Since it`s Christmas!

Now back to me


ashley needham26/12/2008 11:19:00
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Hi all, merry xmas etc. A hovercraft is undoubtably a TYPE of aircraft as it goes along with no contact with the ground. By extension, if the engine power was increased sufficienty it would undoubtably fly (think SRN1 for a mental picture,withouit skirt) .40M would be my guess as hovercraft do not usually attain sufficient altitude to compete with aircraft (normal aircraft that is ) Ashley  ho ho ho
Paul T26/12/2008 12:55:00
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Hi Ashley

If its an aircraft then it should be 35Mhz.



the converter26/12/2008 19:22:00
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hi all

i thing a hovercraft is merely a craft not vehicle/boat or plane so if this is the case then neither 35mhz or 45mhz should be used but as bob said use 37.5mhz 

as clearly a hovercraft is neither land or air based craft but comes somewhere in between

merry xmas all


Paul T27/12/2008 06:35:00
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The conundrum deepens. 

I had not put a train in the list of possible classifications as I had thought that, like a submarine, a train could not be a candidate and then last night one of the elves reminded me about the "mag" train which hovers on a magnetic field.

So if we accept that by definition a true hovercraft need not be supported on a cushion of air we are forced to include trains in the list of possible classifications.


Len Ochiltree28/12/2008 15:34:00
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Dear Santa,

Are you thinking of making Rudolf and chums Redundant and using a Hovercraft? at least we would be able to hear and feel you coming!.

Did you get those very cheap workmate type of things?.

Happy New Year.

Regards Len ( worked every day over Christmas )

Paul T29/12/2008 08:21:00
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Hi Len

A hovercraft might be more comfortable than the sleigh but the reindeer have the advantage of being able to fly higher and faster so santa will be sticking with the rudolf the stealth reindeer.

No I didn't get the workmate things as Wicks caught up with the pricing mistake and cancelled the order then they emailed me with all sorts of legal reasons why they were allowed to cancel, not that I was bothered as I knew it was a gamble but they were a little heavy handed.

Happy new year to you


ashley needham29/12/2008 20:09:00
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Santa, so what is your flying, moose propelled sleigh  classed as then ?? (I tracked your progress the other night courtesy of NASA)    Ashley
Paul T29/12/2008 20:47:00
7334 forum posts
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(Identified Flying Object)

Those NASA chaps came up with a lighter tracking unit this year as in previous years it has been very heavy and upset the reindeer by causing undeerstear


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