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Mental blockage etc

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Bob Abell13/10/2021 18:59:28
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Hi chaps

I`m trying to get my Slo Mo 2 Speedboat to run again

It is powered by two 7.5 volt batteries

Driving two brushless motors

It hasn`t run for about 6 years!

Due to my rapidly failing memory, I have a few absurdly simple questions to ask

The model is connected up but when I switch on, the motors try to start, but just give off a beeping sound with no sign of rotation

The rudder is dead, as though there is an on off switch hiding in the gunnels somewhere

Simple question. where does the rudder get it?

Sorry to be a pain, chaps


Surely. not through the Reciever?

Bob Abell13/10/2021 19:04:05
9337 forum posts
2985 photos

This is the model in question


swinging round.jpg

Richard Simpson13/10/2021 19:33:03
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Bob, Is the transmitter turned on first? Does the beep come from the speed controllers? Is it a BECC system or does the receiver have a battery?

If the rudder is dead there is something basically wrong with either the receiver not being powered up or the transmitter not transmitting. I don't think it has anything to do with the motors or main batteries if the rudder is not working.

I take it you are using the correct transmitter for the receiver? If it is 2.4 you might need to bind the receiver again or if it is a 40 mhz have you got compatible chrystals in?

You really don't need to apologise, only yesterday I got a model off the shelf that I hadn't touched for a couple of years. I removed the superstructure to charge up the batteries and see if the smoke machine still worked. Could I remember where the on/off switch was? I had a torch out looking for it, following wires all over the place. Then I remembered it was under a separate hatch!! This was after I had removed the connectors with long nosed pliers from the lead acid battery to charge it before I also found the charging connection that I had fitted in the same hatch.

You are not alone Bob!

Bob Abell13/10/2021 20:06:20
9337 forum posts
2985 photos

Thank you, Richard

Obviously , you understand my predicament

Got a model boat pal coming round tomorrow, he has a similar memory problem, but two heads are better than one?

Will post the solution to my problems shortly


Richard Simpson13/10/2021 22:22:31
766 forum posts
371 photos

Start at the beginning Bob with the most blindingly obvious and assume nothing!

Remember the first line of engineering troubleshooting, "Is there fuel in the tank!"

Bob Abell14/10/2021 08:03:18
9337 forum posts
2985 photos

Thank you Richard for your constructive advice

As far as I know, all is present and correct

Looking at the rudder servo`s, with their two tiny wires going to the Tranny

Speaking like a complete plonker. the servo has no other source of power?

I wonder why this phenomena has never asked the question, until now?

Come on you chaps, give us a clue!


ashley needham14/10/2021 08:31:22
7394 forum posts
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Bob. Absolutely the first thing I would do is to re-seat all the connections and plugs. Take em out (one at a time) and put them back in.

Bleeping like that usually indicates no signal to the esc from the receiver. Obviously the esc has power as it’s causing the motors to bleep.

If using a 2.4 gig set, I would re-bind the receiver as Richard suggests, or check your crystals match also as suggested.

Do the easy stuff first.

My HMS Diamond didn’t work last Sunday, after not having been out for a long while...but it was working ok...and now it isn’t!


Bob Abell14/10/2021 08:48:11
9337 forum posts
2985 photos

Thank you Ashley for your helpful suggestions

I am truly amazed with the situation

I`m also amazed at the jungle of mangrove cables needed coming from the two Brushless motors!

Looking forward to discovering the culprit eventually


Bob Abell14/10/2021 09:28:36
9337 forum posts
2985 photos

I`ve noticed that when a motor is switched on, the Rudder gets a brief kick?

Any comment about this, chaps?


Richard Simpson14/10/2021 09:34:27
766 forum posts
371 photos

Bob, The receiver should have a cable from the receiver battery pack going into it OR not if one of the speed controllers is being used as a battery elimination circuit, in which case the speed controller will provide the power through the throttle channel and an on/off switch will be built into that speed controller. I assume the two speed controllers are controlled through a "Y" cable from the throttle connection, You say rudder servos so I am assuming there are two rudders which, again, I assume will be operated via a "Y" lead to the two servos.

I would approach it from the bottom of the ladder and go up step by step only after you have proved the step you are on is OK.

1) First turn on the transmitter, if it has a battery level indicator is it reading OK? If not change the batteries anyway just to be sure.

2) Turn on the model, if it is 2.4 does the receiver light up? If not try binding it again. If 40 mhz check both crystals are the same number. Are there leds on the speed controllers, do they light up as normal?

3) If the receiver has its own battery put fresh batteries in anyway.  If it uses a battery elimination circuit it will not have a seperate battery pack.

4) Charge up the main power battery and be sure this is fully charged.  If unsure replace it with one that you know is fully charged.  Models left for a long time can have completely dead batteries that will simply not charge.  If your receiver uses a battery elimination circuit then a flat main battery could give you the symptoms you are seeing.

If there is beeping things are turned on so it is not a hidden switch that is the problem. I also would not get involved with the speed controllers or brushless motors as this seems to be far more basic than that.

If you are still getting nowhere perhaps you could list the equipment you are using so we know what we are dealing with. Make and number of transmitter, make, type and number of the receiver, make and type of speed controllers etc...

Edited By Richard Simpson on 14/10/2021 09:38:08

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